10 Awesome Management Games for Armchair Tycoons

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before children and Other Responsibilities, Playing a management sim was one of my favorite things to do when I regularly played in small hours. I spent countless days building sim tower, simcity, And theme park. I . ran a studio in movies, I managed a menagerie head of zoo trade, and built the pyramids pharaoh. in my villain Dungeon Keeper 2 And evil Genius were beyond comparison. I built impenetrable castles stronghold, and I drown in days game dev story– A game about making games.

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These games are the perfect foil to multiplayer madness, offering a table of absorbing escapism, for one. As kids have gotten older, I’ve given myself a little more time to manage that scratching and itchiness, and these are the games that have sucked me back.

A note to potential players: While there are often console versions, you get better controls and more depth if you play on PC.


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