15 great sci-fi books to read before they become TV shows

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It’s a great time to be a science-fiction fan—especially if you love watching great stories brought to the screen. from Dan Simmons hyperion for Octavia Butler dawn, is a long list of well-known science-fiction stories in some stage of development or production as TV shows. (A lot of sci-fi books are being turned into movies, too.)

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What’s even better about all of this is that you can go on and on by reading the books that inspired many of the sci-fi shows that went on screen. To help you get a glimpse of the future, here’s a list of some of the best science-fiction stories that are being adapted for TV right now.


by Hugh Howe


Hugh Howe’s self-published e-book was a surprise hit when it debuted in 2012, and it spawned a multi-novel series known as the Silo franchise that included several prequel stories and spinoffs. The series follows the inhabitants of a vast underground city that stretches 144 stories across the surface of the Earth. The outside world has become toxic to humanity, as the inhabitants of the silos deal with the struggles of an uncertain future beneath the world they once inhabited and a strict governing body with little tolerance for free thought.

Apple TV+ released Howey’s . has put together an impressive cast for the series adaptation of Wool, with Academy Award winner Tim Robbins and mission impossible evil nation And Mission: Impossible – Fallout Actress Rebecca Ferguson joined the star on the show. Robbins and Ferguson will play the head of IT, Bernard’s silo, and the fearless engineer, who respectively begin to question the silo’s hierarchy, Juliet. justified Producer Graham Yost was hired, along with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Morton Tyldham, to write the screenplay for the series.fake game) is directing the episodes of the show. No word on when the series will premiere at this point.

paper girls

Brian K. by Vaughan and Cliff Chiango

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This clever science-fiction comic book series is written by Y: The Last Man The author Brian K. Vaughn follows a group of 12-year-old girls whose newspaper-delivering jobs take a bizarre turn when their small Cleveland town becomes embroiled in a war between rival factions of time-traveling invaders. The series ran for 30 issues, debuting in 2015 and ending in July 2019.

The same month the series ended, Amazon Studios won a bidding war for the rights to adapt the comic for television, with toy story 4 Co-authors Stephanie Folsom and Christopher C. Rogers (hold on and catch fire) to connect the chain to the co-pelvis. The cast so far announced includes Ali Wong, Sophia Rosinski, Camry Jones, Riley Lai Nellette and Fina Straza. The series is expected to begin filming in Chicago this year.


by Annalie Newtz

The novel was released in 2017 and was written by Annalie Newtz, co-founder of sci-fi website io9. The story takes place in the year 2144 and follows Jack, a scientist turned pirate, who attempts to provide patent medical solutions to victims, but encounters a serious problem when one of the drugs has fatal side effects. As a result, he is chased around the world by two agents (a human and a robot), who try to track him down and prevent the drug’s secret from being revealed to the world.

In November 2018, AMC book optionhandjob The intention is to turn it into a full-fledged television series. Newtz co-wrote a pilot episode With screenwriter and producer Amanda Segel (person of interesthandjob Nikita).


by Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons’ mind-bending, time-twisting saga follows a group of seven people in the far-flung future who are chosen to make a pilgrimage to the enigmatic Time Tombs on the planet Hyperion in the midst of a galactic war. They learn that one of the travelers is a spy for the enemy, and the tombs – strange monuments that seem to travel backwards in time – are guarded by eerie, metal shrikes.

this is the basic summary hyperion, is the first novel in Simmons’ award-winning saga, and fans include actor Bradley Cooper hangover fame. Cooper was reported to be working with Syfy to adapt the saga as an “event series” – originally, an extended miniseries – with Boardwalk Empire Writer Itamar Musa is writing the screenplay. No word on how far along the project is at this point, but the adaptation was First announced back in 2015, so it’s anyone’s guess whether it will eventually find its way to television.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

by Douglas Adams

Already the subject of a critically acclaimed, BBC-produced TV series, a 2005 live-action film, a radio drama and even a text-based computer game, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Widely regarded as one of the greatest science-fiction films ever written by one of the most talented writers in modern literature. The story follows the average human Arthur Dent, whose very bad day turns increasingly bad when he – along with the rest of the planet’s inhabitants – learns that Earth has been destroyed by an alien fleet to make room for a cosmic traffic lane. being done. Things only get weirder from that point on, as he embarks on a galaxy-hopping adventure by his best friend, Ford Prefect, who reveals himself to be a travel writer from a distant planet, who is at his best. During the time himself was trapped on Earth. Recent assignment.

Hulu announces plans for another adaptation The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy In July 2019, with veteran TV producer Carlton Cuse (Losthandjob Locke and Key) and writer Jason Fuchs (amazing lady) is associated with writing, executive producing, and showing the series together. Fuchs was expected to pen the script for the pilot episode, with production expected to begin in 2020, but the pandemic has reportedly pushed back the studio’s schedule for the show, with no premiere date announced at this point. Is.


by Isaac Asimov

Considered one of the best sci-fi series ever written (and the recipient of a. Hugo Award tells as much), Isaac Asimovs foundation Between the Stars The saga unfolds over thousands of years in the history of humanity. The generation-by-generation story follows a brilliant mathematician and generations of scholars working on his predictions as they attempt to preserve the collective wisdom of mankind before the imminent collapse of civilization. The series began as a trilogy, only Asimov added four more chapters to the story – both the prequel and the sequel – 30 years after the first book’s publication. foundation.

done by Co-creator Jonah Nolan announced in 2015 that he was developing a TV series based on foundation saga for HBO, only for that project to stop. A new version of the project was released two years later by David S. came out with goyer (dark Knight) and Josh Friedman (war of the Worlds) as executive producer and showrunner, and Apple won a bidding war for the series in April 2018, making it a 10-episode, straight-to-series sequence. In June 2020, Apple released the first trailer for the series (see above), which will premiere on September 24.

Beacon 23

by Hugh Howe

2015 story Wool Author Hugh Howe was released in a five-part, serialized format and later collected into a complete novel. It tells the story of a former 23rd-century soldier who is tasked with managing a lighthouse beacon in deep space whose purpose is to guide spacecraft across the universe – just like the lighthouse once sailing ships to Earth. used to direct. When Beacon fails, he must face his own demons to avert disaster.

rights to television Beacon 23 was acquired by Studio 8 in April 2016 Sarah Connor Chronicles manufacturer and Avatar 3 Screenwriter Josh Friedman engage in writing and producing A series based on the novel by Howie. In form of October 2018However, the series is now being developed for Charter Communications’ Spectrum Origin studio, with ready player one And the Avengers Screenwriter Zak Penn is adapting Howe’s novel.

titan’s sirens

by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

The second novel by acclaimed science-fiction author Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., titan’s sirens The war between Earth and Mars sends Earth’s richest, most privileged man into the 22nd century on an interplanetary journey of self-discovery. The exploits of the protagonist Malachi Constant serve as an exploration of the nature of free will, among other philosophical concepts and the value of human history.

rick and morty co-creator Dan Harmon and Small Crime Writer Evan Katz is adapting titan’s sirens For Television, With Harmon Citing Vonnegut’s work as a major influence on his own science-fiction story. Harmon and Katz’s involvement was first announced in July 2017, and was the most recent update to the project.

3001: The Final Odyssey

by Arthur C. Clark

The fourth and final installment of Arthur C. Clark’s Space Odyssey series that began in 1968 2001: A Space Odyssey, this 1997 novel goes back to the roots of the saga for its concluding chapter. Story . brings back the hero of 2001, Frank Poole, and continues to explore the nature of humanity’s origins and its relationship to the mysterious monoliths, which are created by even more mysterious space- and time-traversing entities known as “Firstborns”.

Based on the 1968 blockbuster film by Stanley Kubrick 2001 Widely regarded as one of the greatest science-fiction movies of all time, it’s no surprise that the final chapter of the series has been the subject of development rumors ever since. 3001 was published. In 2014, Syfy announced plans for a mini-series based on 3001 Ridley is associated with Scott as a producer, but apart from a brief mention of it as “in development” in 2016, no updates have been made since the initial announcement.

three-body problem

by Liu Cixin

The first novel to commemorate Earth’s previous trilogy, three-body problem Set in a universe where Earth’s population is anxiously anticipating an invasion…

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