1Password will now let you share passwords with just a link

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pst! Works something like Google Docs Sharing

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Password Manager 1Password is making it easy to share passwords with anyone with Psst! (password protected sharing tool), A new link sharing feature The company is releasing today. Instead of using 1Password’s pre-existing sharing options, which require an account, or simply copying and pasting log-in information, which is inherently insecure, Psst! Makes sharing a password a little more like sharing a Google Docs with anyone.


You can create a link to share password credentials, set it to expire (when the first person views it, or in an hour, a day, a week, 14 days, or 30 days), and specific Share the password with people (via their email) or for anyone with the link. The whole process is like sharing a link to a Google Drive folder or a Google document. You can get an idea of ​​how the whole thing works by watching the video 1Password created:

The experience of someone receiving the link may vary depending on the sharing setting. If you set what you’re sharing to be seen by anyone, the link will open in a copy of the credentials at the time they were shared. If what you’ve shared is only for a specific group of people, they’ll need to confirm their email and then sign in and receive a one-time verification code. It is worth noting that the link only allows access to a copy of the information shared by you when you created the link. If you later change the password stored in your Vault, the old link will not display the new password.

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Extra Security Psst! Bringing those verification codes is partly dependent on the security of the email receiving it (one can imagine that the receiver’s account has been compromised), but this method keeps the rest of your vault information safe, not to be tracked. Provides a way to find out who logged in, and when you decide that access to the login ends.

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