What just happened? Footage from a purported original 2001 build of Duke Nukem Forever leaked online over the weekend, and a source spoke of plans to release the game in June. Some, no doubt, are clinging to the hope that the community can finish what 3D Realms started decades ago, but it all depends on whether the leader can deliver next month.

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fan site Duke 4 has a solid resume 4chan thread where information originated that has since been archived. According to the poster, almost every chapter in the game is present in one form or another, and many of them are playable. Most of the weapons are also functional, with the exception of the chainsaw and freezer.

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All content from Trailer E3 2001 included even though it’s not an E3 2001 build.

Licker shared several screenshots and videos to support this claim.

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George Broussard, the game’s original director, commented on the leak on Twitter. While he said that it looked real, he cautioned that fans should temper their expectations as “there is no actual game to play” and that it is just “a small part of the barely populated test levels”.

Broussard added that he had no idea who leaked it and that he wasn’t very interested in talking about it or “restoring a painful past”.

Duke Nukem Forever was originally announced in 1997. More than ten years later, he still hasn’t appeared. In 2009, developer 3D Realms ran out of money and closed the project. As a result, Gearbox Software bought the rights to the game, finalized it, and launched it in mid-2011. gloomy reviews.