The gaming industry is not the only one aiming to give back to its community, as many gamers want to raise money and donate to various charities and support various causes. Examples range from proceeds going toward the preservation of sports museums to more local changes. Others want to take the money raised for wildlife conservation, and gamers can do the same. World Land Trust Charity Bundle – A collaboration between Plant Based Gaming,, and indie publisher Future Friends Games.

- Advertisement - has previously provided indie game bundles for such charity events. Last year, an bundle raised more than $7 million in support of #blacklivesmatter and civil rights by raising money for both the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Education Fund and the Community Bell Fund. This time, this indie game bundle comes courtesy of Plant Based Gaming, an organization that focuses on showcasing video games with an emphasis on nature, conservation, and education. The effort resulted in over 60 games bundled together, starting at fairly reasonable prices.


This bundle is available through and can be purchased for $4.99 as the lowest price. As stated on the bundle’s page, all proceeds from the sale of this bundle will go to the World Land Trust (WLT) Action Fund. WLT is an international conservation trust that works to protect, preserve and restore critically endangered habitats for wildlife. The page further states that these efforts will be used to substantially address the ongoing climate change issue.

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The games included in this bundle include some acclaimed yet understated gems, like coffee talk, old man’s journeyDaniel Mullins hex, it’s hard to make a good snowman, even more. The 60+ games included in the bundle have a total value of $450, making it quite a steal for many indie gamers.

This charity bundle will be available for a limited time only, and will only last about a week. However, despite the short run time, the charity bundle has already exceeded its initial target of $10K, with over 4500 contributors purchasing the bundle. As of writing, the bundle has raised almost $30K, indicating that gamers would happily donate some money to such a good cause.

The World Land Trust Charity Bundle Will be available through until December 10th.

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