5G home internet might be the solution to your broadband needs

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It’s no secret that many of us are tired of being tied down to Internet service provider With cumbersome contracts, insufficient speed, restrictive terms and rising fees. However, often we have very few choices or choices.

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could 5G are you the answer? the technology that is powering us latest phone It also seeks to meet our domestic broadband needs. The earliest 5G home internet plans are available with names like starry, T-Mobile and Verizon offer respectable speeds at a straight price — but availability is limited to select cities and regions. Let’s take a look and see how it works, how fast it gets, what it costs, and where it’s available now.

What is 5G again?

Simply put, 5G means fifth generation. What’s the fifth generation, you ask? The fifth generation of wireless data networks. You’re probably most familiar with hearing about 5G being described in better mobile communication And fast phone. You are not wrong. 5G networks, which use different radio frequencies than previous generations, are intended to provide faster data speeds with far less lag or delay than 4G.


My Nerdshala colleague Eli Blumenthal explains the basics of 5G here. Millimeter-wave technology uses much higher frequencies than previous generations and the latter provides much faster speeds and connections. But with those higher, gigabit speeds come a price – data doesn’t travel the same distance as 4G and there are hassles with bumps. To counter this, midband technology, which provides speeds averaging between 300 and 400 megabits per second, increases the coverage area offered by the millimeter wave. Lastly, low-band 5G offers a range similar to 4G, but with a speed that tops out between 100 and 200Mbps.

Is 5GHz the same thing as 5G?

No. A common mistake is to look for the “5GHz” setting on your Wi-Fi router and assume you have access to 5G. Wi-Fi Router Also use short-range radio frequencies – usually 2.4 or 5 GHz – to transmit your Internet signal to connected devices within your home. So 5GHz is one of the band options for your home Wi-Fi system, but it’s not the same as 5G, which is a cellular technology that uses high-frequency waves.


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Cable, fiber, and DSL home Internet plans require wires that connect your home to the provider’s grid. With a fixed wireless service like 5G, your home connects to the provider’s network over the air.

How is 5G home internet different from fiber or cable?

Most ISPs provide home Internet service via phone lines or cables that connect your home to a larger network. This includes common Internet connection types, such as digital subscriber line, coaxial cable and fiber-optic Internet – all of which are wired connections from your provider to your home.

On the other hand, 5G home Internet is a type of fixed wireless Internet service, which means that the connection between your provider and your home is wireless. With 5G, your provider must install an indoor or outdoor 5G receiver at your home to pick up the signal. This satellite is similar to the Internet, but instead of beaming in a signal from satellites orbiting in the night sky, it is relaying information from very close wireless hubs. Even if you are using the same 5G network as your mobile phone, your gateway is specific to your location and cannot be used anywhere else.

Who Are the Main 5G Home Internet Providers?

As we have already said, 5G is still being deployed across the country. Because of that, the number of providers currently offering any 5G home internet plan is quite limited. For example, AT&T offers a 5G mobile service, but its fixed wireless solution does not currently use its 5G network. So, right now, your main options for 5G home internet are Starry, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Let’s find out what each offers.


Starry 5G Home Internet Plans & Pricing


Maximum speed

Monthly Price

equipment fee

date number


star internet

200 Mbps download, 200 Mbps upload




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