5G’s big players make bold, exciting predictions for 2022

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There’s a very good chance that the phone you have now has a 5G modem, and there’s also a good chance that you’ll get a somewhat regular 5G signal, depending on whether you Where do you live? We’re already sold on the speed benefits that come with 5G connections, but what to look forward to when it comes to 5G in 2022?

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We asked experts from Qualcomm, AT&T, Verizon and others to give us predictions about how 5G will play out in the coming year, and what exciting new developments the technology will drive. If you were struggling to get excited over 5G, prepare to think a little differently right now, as plans include everything from better connectivity and new devices to autonomous cars and the opening of the metaverse.

big picture

Before we drill down into the specifics, Qualcomm’s Enrico Salvatori, Senior Vice President and President of Qualcomm Europe, briefly explains how the industry is approaching 5G in 2022, and gave us an overview of what to expect. Go.

From left are Ben Wood (CCS Insight), Enrico Salvatori (Qualcomm), David Christopher (AT&T), and Frank Boulben (Verizon).
From left: Ben Wood (CCS Insight), Enrico Salvatori (Qualcomm), David Christopher (AT&T), and Frank Boulben (Verizon).

“2022 is going to be an exciting year for 5G, with great advances in both 5G handsets and networks that will further enhance the 5G experience for consumers,” Salvatori told Nerdshala in an email. “In 2021, we had over 170 commercial 5G networks launched by operators globally, of which more than 75 were in Europe. In 2022, 5G will become even more widespread, and we will begin to see operators launch 5G stand-alone networks, which will provide consumers with even more incredible speeds and quality of service. As demand for greater speeds and unique use cases grows, we will see more 5G mmWave launches in Europe in 2022, expanding to consumer and enterprise 5G use cases. ,

David Christopher, executive vice president and partnership and general manager for 5G ecosystem development at AT&T, agrees that 2022 will be an exciting year for 5G, but adds that it will also be a good year in what he calls the “5G decade.” is of short duration.

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“The next 12 months is very little time in terms of the ‘5G decade’ that will be incredibly transformative and disruptive. Innovation is accelerating and will continue into 2022. Big trends that will last a decade or more have matured. Will continue and we will see interesting progress in 2022.

The scene has been set, and expectations are high, but what about the specifications? Let’s take a closer look at 5G in 2022.

speed and technology

Right now, most of us associate 5G with increased data speeds, so will that change and get better in the coming year? Absolutely not, but don’t take it as a bad thing. AT&T’s Christopher told us. “We will see a big increase in speeds over the next few years on devices nationwide with multi-Gbps home connections and 200 Mbps, or even 300 Mbps,” he said, adding that “5G’s super-low Latency will become more the norm.”

Galaxy Fold 5G Speed ​​Test
Unsplash. on Micah Baumeister

Ben Wood, Chief Analyst and Chief Marketing Officer CCS Insights, agreed, telling Nerdshala that “2022 will not be about 5G getting faster, but really about being smarter, more flexible, and therefore more powerful as a technology. A significant milestone.” The stone will be the transition from non-stand-alone 5G to stand-alone 5G, which will provide some performance improvements, for example, lower latency.”

So while 5G speeds will pick up, don’t expect to see much of a difference in the next 12 months. But watch out for changes in where You use 5G, and also to improve latency. Wood also explained how the underlying technology of 5G will change this year.

“The next big development from a specification perspective will be arrival” Release 16 of the 5G Standard, It will improve 5G connectivity in several ways, such as multiuser MIMO [multiple input, multiple output], like Wi-Fi 6 offers, uplink aggregation for speed improvements, as well as latency improvements for ultra-reliable applications.”

The UK’s EE network has seen improvements in how 5G works indoors, according to a spokesperson: “We will see a continued roll out of 700MHz 5G spectrum, which will strengthen indoor 5G performance and capacity in areas with existing 5G, as well.” It also provides new connectivity to other areas.”

mass market, more phones

Talk of network latency, additional spectrum and new standards doesn’t sound very exciting, but there is great hope that all this and more will mean 5G reaches more people this year, and therefore the mass market. An EE spokesperson told Nerdshala that “the mass adoption and awareness of 5G is going to really accelerate next year.”

Two great 5G phones, the OnePlus 9 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.
Two great 5G phones, the OnePlus 9 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Andy Boxel/Nerdshala

CCS Insights Wood agrees. “We believe that 2022 is poised to be a year when 5G will become a mass market offering with 5G enabled smartphones and more extensive network coverage,” he added.

Should it do so, more 5G devices are inevitable. Qualcomm, perhaps unsurprisingly given its business, predicts how 5G will change in the next year, we’ll have even more reasons to upgrade to a 5G device if we haven’t already. Salvatori told us: “On the handset side, we will see some exciting launches in 2022, especially in premium-tier Android smartphones.”

Wood says that growing awareness of 5G in 2022 will not only affect smartphones. “We also believe that speeds will increase with business users starting to see the benefits of offering 5G, for example, with cellular-capable laptops,” he said.

5G at home

T-Mobile 5G home internet.
T Mobile

Mobile devices, be they phones or laptops, are unlikely to get a 5G makeover only in 2022. If carriers have their way, your home will be 5G-equipped this year as well. Verizon’s chief revenue 0 officer, Frank Bolben, explains how its ultra-wideband network, the name given to its mmWave 5G service, has the potential to change broadband at home for the better this year.

“With the expansion of Verizon’s 5G ultra-wideband network, we are on the cusp of a digital revolution that will transform the way we use technology in our daily lives,” he enthused in a lengthy email to Nerdshala. “We’re talking more than just faster phone speeds – it’s about a big increase in broadband capabilities nationwide, allowing for more home Internet options so you can have game-changing connectivity and access to work, sports, and everything in between. By the end of January, Verizon’s 5G ultrawide network will be accessible to 100 million people in 1,700 cities, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy the power and benefits of 5G in their homes.

We’re talking more than just faster phone speeds – it’s about a big increase in broadband capabilities nationwide…

Boulben says that Verizon’s ultra-wideband service provides 10 times faster data speeds than 4G LTE connections, a greater level of security, low enough latency for uninterrupted 5G cloud gaming, and easier and faster setup than other home Internet systems. Will do

Wilson Electronics, which produces cellular repeaters, says the investment in midband spectrum will help promote 5G in the home.

“Cell phones have historically operated on low-band signals, but with the proliferation of 5G, 2022 will see a major rollout of midband signals,” Wilson Electronics CEO Bruce Lancaster told Nerdshala. “Carriers are making major investments in midband technology with a particular use case: fixed wireless replacement. The ability to access the Internet in your home and/or business via just a single wireless connection will be possible with midband technology, and customers will be able to access the Internet through a single wireless connection.” will benefit from faster speeds at lower costs as carriers scramble to compete on price.”

motor vehicle

A 5G connected car demonstration.
nurphoto/Getty Images

In 2022, you can leave your 5G home with your 5G phone and laptop, and step into your 5G connected car. At least, that’s the outlook for the near future from Qualcomm and AT&T. Qualcomm’s Salvatori says that along with the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G will have a big impact on automotive technology this year and into the future.

“In 2022, we will see the first cars coming to market with 5G capabilities enabled by Snapdragon,” he revealed before giving us a glimpse into the future. “Looking ahead, we see massive screens in the cockpit of the car, augmented reality with smart mirrors and premium audio systems and [A.I.]- Driven experience. High-speed cloud connectivity will deliver immersive content, services and advanced navigation, all updated over the air, to keep the experience fresh and engaging for consumers. Travelers can stream 4K video, live television and sports, or enjoy multiplayer gaming experiences that rival desktop PCs and consoles.

In 2022, we will see the first cars with 5G capabilities enabled by Snapdragon hit the market.

Sticking with the cars, Christopher says AT&T is looking at how 5G will advance autonomous cars in 2022 and over the next few years.

“While we will still be driving cars in 2022 they haven’t driven us, autonomous vehicles may become more common,” Christopher said. “Delivery vehicles and trucks may start to emerge on freeways and connect to each other and to the road by 5G. Your pizza can come in autonomously – in fact, it’s already being tested in Houston and we could scale that up in 2022. Your package can be delivered without human. If it can go slow on the road, it can go fast in development,” he said.

Gaming, Augmented Reality and the Metaverse

CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduces Meta.

Christopher is also excited about the potential of 5G to bring advancements in two technologies that we are just beginning to understand: augmented reality (AR) and the metaverse.

“We will see the first version of AR Glass in the next …

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