6 of the best pull-up bars for your home gym

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Pull-ups are an excellent form of exercise: they Target your back, shoulders, arms and core, and even challenge your grip strength. if you are trying to get better at pull-ups Or make them a daily part of your workout regimen, it’s helpful to have a bar easily accessible at home. The best part about pull-up bars is that there are many on the market that don’t take up a lot of space and can be easily put away when not in use.

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There are many styles of pull-up bars to choose from, including doorway, wall or ceiling-mounted and freestanding bars. Each style has different benefits. For example, a doorway pull-up bar is helpful if you live in a small apartment and are on a budget because they are inexpensive. Mounted pull-up bars are a more permanent fixture and are drilled into a wall or ceiling for a more secure feeling. Freestanding pull-up bars (also known as power towers) take up more space and are best for those who have the room and want a versatile option that can be used for other exercises such as knee raises, push ups Or can be done for tricep dips as well.

No matter your budget or location, there is a pull-up bar that will positively add to your home gym. I rounded up some of the best pull-up bars available for home use based on hundreds of customer reviews, brand reputation, and durability.


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