A Chrono Cross remake could be on the way

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A Chrono Cross remake could be announced soon after months of speculation.

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I found out a few months ago that PlayStation plans to announce a “big” remake this December Irish musician Ava announced that she had been asked to write a song for the project earlier this year. According to a radio interview with Ava, the musician was approached by musician Michael McGlynn, whose music group Anuna worked on the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 soundtrack.

More details about this mysterious project have since surfaced and all signs point to the announcement being a Chrono Cross remake according to XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, who claimed that was the case. a recent podcast episode (Thank you VGC,


However, according to Baker: “The game itself isn’t a secret, Chrono Cross Remastered was already on the NVIDIA leak list.” He continued, “What else I was told – because everyone is operating under the assumption that this is a PlayStation exclusive – I’ve been told it is not. The only word that was used was ‘multi -Plate’ was.”

NS nvidia leak Baker happened in September and is in talks about releasing an unreleased game list. It was later revealed that although some of the PC ports on the list are genuine, the other games on the list are “speculative”. Games still unconfirmed by NVIDIA or their publishers include Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Forbidden West and Chrono Cross Remastered.

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If Baker and Ava’s comments are true, it’s possible we could announce a Chrono Cross remaster/remake soon, though for now it looks like it won’t be PlayStation exclusive. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed until PlayStation officially announces its rumored release to find out.

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