A guide to Coravin: The one gadget wine drinkers love most

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Whenever I inquire with my serious wine friends about what’s new and great in the wine world, other than the actual wines, I always get the same response: Coravin Wine Patrons. These mechanisms may sound like an overly complicated wine bottle opener but they do a lot more than pop corks. If you’ve ever longed to stare at a nice bottle of vino about whether to open it for fear it won’t end, Coravin has the problem solved.

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The main thrust of Corwin’s wine preservation system is that it allows you to pour from any bottle without removing or damaging the cork. It accomplishes this by inserting a hollow needle to extract the alcohol. Before pouring, the device also sends out argon, an inert gas, to pressurize the bottle and prevent oxidation of what’s left. When used properly, the Coravin system can preserve wines – reds, whites and anything in between – for months or even years.

Corwin is a total game-changer for serious drinkers.


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For those who love the taste, this means unlimited access to your collection and the ability to drink bottles at the pace you decide to, without any risk. If you buy fine wines but don’t care to drink them in one sitting, you’re free to pour a glass of that special Châteauneuf-du-Pape whenever you darn well, and then Put it back on the shelf for later. , It’s also a great buy for someone who cooks with wine because you can add a cup or two to a recipe and save the rest for later — much later.

Since the Coravin’s launch 10 years ago, the price has dropped significantly, making it less of a luxury item for elite sippers. The Massachusetts-based company has also launched two more Corwin models that serve different purposes. The slightly less versatile (but also less expensive) Corvin Pivot, as well as a sparkling system for preserving the brilliance of Champagne and other bubbly wines; Something the founder had previously thought was not possible.

In this quick guide, we’ll outline three Coravin wine preservation systems, how they work and how much they cost so you can choose the best one for you.

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