During the last radio mog station, Final Fantasy 14 Producer and director Naoki Yoshida guest-starred to chat with the hosts endwalker Scope. One of the hot topics of the interview was class balancing, where Yoshida reveals his plan to bring up everyone’s power level. Final Fantasy 14 Jobs up to the highest denominator very soon.

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During the interview, Yoshida talked about Final Fantasy 14’s record breaking endwalker Captivating story and characters in detail. While he hinted at major changes coming in Patch 6.1, possibly sometime in March or April, he also focused on Job Balance coming in Patch 6.08, which players can expect sometime in February.


players saw Andwalker’s The brand new Reaper class was as powerful as it was engaging and fun to play. Most players assumed this and other high performing classes, such as monks, would be hit with a nerf bat. However, in interviews, Yoshida expressed his intention to bring the other classes to the level of the Reaper, rather than denying those at the top. Although many jobs will receive tuning, Yoshida specifically mentions under-performing dancers and paladins and that the coveted “busy” jobs—Black Mage, Monk, and Samurai—will get some extra firepower.

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ffxiv endwalker dps parse graph

with the release of endwalker, Final Fantasy 14 Reduced values ​​on numbers across the board. Although it did so without breaking the game too much, this and the addition and redeployment of several jobs upset the current balance between playable jobs. It should come as no surprise that post-expansion packs require some fine tuning for job performance, especially when combined with such drastic changes in computation.

Final Fantasy 14 Players are relieved to hear that job tuning is coming soon. Players who enjoy classes such as Dancers and Paladins – both of whom deal significantly less damage than their peers – have sometimes been subjected to exclusion or harassment by others in endgame material, an underperforming as a whole. Because of the class, regardless of player skill, . Reapers, on the other hand, are intimidated by their rewarding kits and will deduct satisfactory damage at any moment. All these players can now rest at Yoshida’s words.

However, some players have objections about the impending power. In duties throughout the game, players see enemies die much faster than before. Players also cleared Andwalker’s Pandamonium: Asphodelos (Savage), second fastest red tear clear in 14 hours Final Fantasy 14 History. These players worried that universal power-ups could make characters more powerful than ever, trivializing future content. Final Fantasy 14 However, balance has historically been efficient, so players will have to wait and see what changes in balance in 6.08, and see how they affect the difficulty of current and future encounters.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Currently live on PC, PS4 and PS5, but temporarily unavailable for purchase due to server congestion.

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