A PS5 restock is coming today – here’s where

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Most Likely PS5 Restock Deals This Week

Want to get right into the PS5 restock action? Here are the most likely recharges this week.

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Sony (Tuesday)
Gamestop (likely Tuesday)
Amazon (can happen at any time)
Walmart (Thursday)
Best Buy (Thursday)
Target (Thursday)

Sports (Tuesday morning)
Amazon (Maybe Wednesday or Thursday)


Things are looking good on the PS5 restock front this week. Sony is rolling out deals via email invite today (meaning the console could be visible to the wider public later this afternoon), while GameStop Indicating once again that a drop is on the way. Finally, UK Retailers Play Even after the appearance of several bundles the deals have been primed.

As for the game, the retailer teased a PS5 restock this morning via a queuing system to manage traffic. Bundles are already visible on the site (Spider-Man: Miles Morales, with deals including bonus controllers and headsets), so head straight there to avoid missing out.

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With respect to Sony, we’re expecting a drop as a more typical PS5 restock sometimes follows the email invites we mentioned earlier. That’s not guaranteed to happen, but hopefully, we’ll get lucky and see some consoles today.

For GameStop, recently twitter post provided “a thoughtful reminder that [PowerUp Rewards Pro members] Get early access to new online console drops whenever they pop up. Shhh, our little secret.” The implication is pretty clear — a PS5 restock, or Xbox Series stock, is imminent.

So, how do you take advantage of this GameStop offer? To refuse for the first time on any PS5 restock, you’ll need to sign up to be a PowerUp Rewards Pro member. The year will cost you $15, and in addition to an early warning, you’ll get information on any deals you see – it’s only open to Pro members.

Previous PS5 Restock Dates at Retailers

PS5 restore hints and tips

1. Be patient and refresh the page if the console sells out

This is important if you want PS5 deals. Refresh the page from time to time, even if the console is sold out. Retailers release stock in waves, so you can strike PS5 Restock Gold if you stick with it.

2. Sign in and generate your payment details

Signing in to your retailer of choice ahead of time and having your payment details ready to go is really, really helpful when trying to secure a PS5 restock. Sites have a habit of crashing or messing up under the load of traffic they receive during console drops, so any time spent filling in the details could end up causing you to have to start the transaction all over again due to an error. By the time the console is probably gone.

3. Prefer Bundles

Solo consoles sell out with a terrifying pace, but bundles containing games or the best PS5 accessories don’t disappear so quickly. If possible, make an outline for them as a result.

4. Don’t Pay More Than You Have to Pay

Unless you get a bundle from a trusted retailer, a PS5 Restock should never cost more than $499.99 in the USA or £449.99 in the UK (the digital version is US$399.99/£349.99). Some shady individuals like to hike that price up, and they’re never worth buying. PS5 restocks appear roughly once a week, so you’ll have a chance to buy the console for its normal price before long.

5. Keep an eye on social media

Stock tracking Twitter accounts or curated lists are a good way to stay ahead of the curve. They’ll provide an early warning when it comes to PS5 restock deals, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for them in your search for the console.

Which PS5 should you buy?

Check out PS5 Restock deals today

If you manage to secure the console, don’t forget to check out our guide Best PS5 Headset And Best TVs for PS5. equally, our PS5 SSD Or Best PS5 External Hard Drive If you are looking for bonus collection then guides can come in handy.

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