Absurdle is like Wordle but it fights back

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once a day word puzzle Wordle There is a sensation, which surprisingly has given rise to many imitators. some are fine, like pretty please, which lets you play as many puzzles as you want every day (and it’s free). Some are terrible, like Creep who created a paid app called Wordle and tried to rip people off first. crumbling Under the gathered wrath of the Internet.

But here’s a valid twist on Wordle called absurd, Like Wordle, it picks up a secret five-letter word that you need to guess, and lets you know which letters you guessed correctly each time you try to solve it. But unlike Wordle, Absurdle changes its mind.


Billed as the “adverse version” of Worlde, Absurdle will replace your secret word with every guess you make, but retain the letters you guessed correctly. So if you guessed the BUTTS and got U correct, Absurdle will choose a different secret word that still contains that U. The result is a morphing solution that feels like you’re getting closer to solving it, but will continue to change until you’ve exhausted all of the dynamic parts of it (or until the separate ones that keep your correct syllables intact. -Don’t end up with different words).

there is much broader explanation from its creator, QNTM (Which also created an evil version of Tetris called hatatrice) The point is, it’s significantly more atrocious than Wordle, but at least you get infinite guesses and can play as many times as you want. It’s free and it’s fun—and it’s hard—so try to squeeze in a few rounds each morning when you finish your daily bout of Wordle.

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