In yet another blow to the company, Activision Blizzard employees have banded together to treat the company with another lawsuit. It focuses on the company’s labor and unions policies.

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Earlier this year, Activision Blizzard was suing about its sexism and fratboy-like working conditions. Based on a two-year investigation by the state of California, Activision is facing charges from tens of thousands of employees who have suffered in its toxic environment. As an extension of this, employees and customers are protesting as more and more bad press is exposed to the public eye. But things just got worse for the video game company at large; Another lawsuit is officially on the books against ABK.


On September 10, 2021, members of the group ABK Workers Alliance filed an unfair labor practice lawsuit with the National Labor Relations Board. The filed case document lists several charges leveled against the company, including coercion rules and coercive statements. It’s toughened enough for 2021 due to past lawsuits as well as Activision Blizzard investors unhappy with the company’s response. Duty And world of Warcraft Creator.

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The lawsuit was created by Activision Blizzard employees, who claim that their collective efforts to form a union at the company were blocked by management. During a press statement, the workers said that ABK used “coercive tactics” to prevent employees from banding together, including threats and promises of benefits, to try and stop demanding “more equitable, sustainable” Threats and even company-wide regulations are included. , and diverse workplaces.”

This should come as a surprise to almost no one, however, as Activision Blizzard hired the so-called “union busting” Wilmerhall law firm for the original harassment suit, which California recently expanded. It comes after the company started working to fire employees for “bad behavior” and efforts to try to change the company culture. However, the ABK Workers Alliance claims its efforts have been less than stellar. The Alliance is hoping to help the company introduce new processes, a complete revamp of the Human Resources department and reporting processes, as well as other more meaningful changes that help address past abuses by ABK’s existing systems.

“If the NLRB rules in our favor,” AbtterABK tweeted on September 14, “the decision will be retroactive and we will set a precedent that no activist in America can be afraid to talk about forced arbitration.” The tweet earned a very positive response on Twitter from supporters on the social media platform, and the number of subscribers to the Blizzard title continues to decline.

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