It seems like Activision Blizzard Recently it has been in the news for controversies more often, whether because of its treatment of activists or because of problems with its video games. Those two things get complicated as Activision employees report claims that the company’s brass failed to meet with its QA testers who went on strike.

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Activision employees spoke in reverse anonymity about the lack of communication with their striking Raven Software QA testers. These employees have said that the company has not opened any lines of communication to resolve any issues related to the group’s walkout, even as Activision claims it is working to resolve the issues. Used to be. Activision management apparently only talked amongst themselves and the recent statement appears to be another round of public word-of-mouth service.


Employees cited “radio silence” from Activision management as “something we expected, but were still disappointed to see.” Activision only addressed the QA tester strike on January 6, nearly a month after the group officially pulled out due to the alleged unfair bait-and-switch termination of 12 of its associates, who were told they would soon receive a pay raise. Will get A recent statement issued by an Activision spokesperson about striking Raven Software QA testers still doesn’t address the specific demands made by the group.

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While Raven Software QA testers are on strike, noticeable glitches and bugs have plagued Call of Duty: Vanguard And call of duty warzone, The latest issues include audio and visual glitches, flying dead dogs, cracked skins and a myriad of other problems. QA testers are an important part of game development, but are often overlooked and discarded as a project nears release. running games like warzone Due to the constant updates and additions it requires of QA tests, Activision persists in the practice of reducing its “temporary” employees and making them resort to longer unpaid leave, when most of the work is done in their “contractor” status. is done to maintain it. His absence is felt, but Activision seems to be trying to wait out the strike. This insistence was another talking point when the staff spoke to Shloka. Despite substantial pressure and persistent bad press, Activision management refuses to engage in direct talks with its employees.

Before stepping down in November Jessica Gonzalez, founder of activist group A Better ABK and former senior test analyst at Activision, has set up a strike fund for QA testers who continue to sit outside until they step out to pay for their living. want to keep Spending unless proactively addresses the demands made.

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