Activision Blizzard And many of its branches have been the subject of much controversy over the past year, from lawsuits to numerous strikes and walkouts. Three weeks into the solidarity strike in response to the sudden layoffs of 12 Raven Software temporary employees, Activision finally issued a statement to its own employees and its satellite studios.

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Activision has been the parent company of Blizzard Raven Software—known for Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast, earthquake 4, and its heavy participation in call of duty Franchise – since it acquired exclusive publishing rights to the developer’s games in 1997. Just before the holiday season last year, Raven fired 12 temporary employees of the QA department without warning, prompting employees at both Raven and Activision Blizzard to strike in solidarity. terminated employees.


After Raven Qa issued a reminder to her leadership that their demands had gone unheeded, a spokesperson for Activision finally broke the silence surrounding the strike. According to an Activision statement, Raven leadership has begun talking with its employees. Activision is reportedly working on turning 500 temporary employees into full-time employees across all of its studios, and an extended notice-of-termination period and vacation pay for the 12 employees that were terminated. Notably, it did not address the sole demand of striking Activision and Raven workers, who requested all temporary Raven employees, including terminated employees, be offered full-time positions.

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As of now, it is unclear what the nature of the discussions between the Raven leadership and its employees are. Although Raven QA has clearly laid out its demands and discussion points, it appears that Activision and Raven are trying to end the strike on their own terms without fully accepting the strike, especially since the employees’ Crunch is blowing through their games, as shown in recent upsets. Call of Duty: Warzone,

That said, it seems that ABK Workers Alliance and Raven QA have no desire to accept token gestures. At the time of publication, the ABK Workers Alliance Strike Fund, organized by former Activision Blizzard developer and ABK Workers Alliance founder Jessica Gonzalez, has raised $360,000 to be used to reimburse the striker’s salary and help with other expenses surrounding the protest. Will be done. Activision’s response is proof that the strike is igniting fire beneath it, and over time, striking workers may see their demands met.

While the controversies surrounding Activision Blizzard are troubling to unfold for gamers around the world, it seems that there has been a positive change in the industry as a whole. Companies like Ubisoft are getting involved Activision Blizzard In standing up for your rights. If this positive trend continues, the industry will hopefully see more unions and labor-rights groups pop up, meaning better games and gaming experiences for all.


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