Ad wars intensify as Democrats’ green energy plans take shape

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Environmentalists and industry groups are launching new media buyouts as Congressional Democrats plan to expand green energy incentives and spending while imposing new or higher tariffs on oil companies.

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running news: The League of Conservation and Climate Power has launched $6 million in new TV and digital advertising spending that seeks to bolster four Senate Democrats and nearly 20 House members.

  • advertisements (eg this one) aims to show that Democrats, who support the plans in multiple competing districts or states, help boost jobs and cut pollution.
  • Separately, the American Clean Power Association — a renewables and battery storage industry group — this morning announced the next phase of its advertising campaign with TV and digital spots in seven states and Washington, DC, which together cost seven figures.
  • The American Petroleum Institute (API) is launching the latest installment of its own seven-figure campaign. The industry group is fighting plans it says will destroy US energy security and raise costs, including a new duty on methane emissions and the repeal of longstanding tax cuts.

big picture: The latest ads come amid a broader advocacy battle and efforts to influence politically vulnerable lawmakers as Democrats seek to move key health care, social safety nets and a multitrillion-dollar package of energy and climate measures.

  • It is, as Bloomberg notes, a “Lobbying Frenzy” As the crucial vote in the coming weeks. Democrats’ outline of the plans will gain more attention this week with votes on several House committees.
  • The political path this fall is dire as Democrats seek to shift the package on razor-thin party-line votes in concert with a package of smaller bipartisan infrastructure.
  • but politico some interesting reporting On how liberal interest groups have been holding themselves up in recent weeks in the advertising wars over Democratic legislation.

why it matters: The energy pieces of the Democrats’ brewing legislation — and a somewhat bipartisan plan — are critical to the White House’s goal of halving US greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

  • The fate of the effort will affect the success or failure of an important UN climate summit this fall.

zoom in: New, employment-focused American Clean Power Association TV ads supporting the two bills are launching in seven states including West Virginia And Arizona.

  • Sens. The fate of the efforts of Democrats Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) and Kirsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) is likely in their hands, and ads say the law will create jobs in their states.
  • One reason why the path is so difficult is that Munchkin has indicated that he will only support a very low price for the overall bill.
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On the other end: The latest API ads rally protests against Democratic legislation in Pennsylvania and Arizona.this ad looks like rape

  • Tom O’Halleran, a swing district Democrat in Arizona. “As the prices of everything go up, politicians want to increase the cost of D.C. American-made energy,” it says.


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