Animal Crossing: New Horizons The recent free 2.0 update and the Happy Home Paradise DLC were added, both of which introduced a number of new and returning characters to the game. Among these new arrivals is fan-favorite Brewster, a kind-hearted pigeon who manages a cafe called The Roast, which appears as part of the museum. One Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fans celebrated Brewster’s arrival by sharing an adorable video of him taking to the stage and singing from his little heart.

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like a perennial animal cross The favorite KK slider, Brewster, was introduced in a previous game—namely, the 2005 Nintendo DS title. Animal Crossing: Wild World, Since then, he has appeared in several Animal Crossing games, and each time he has brought his own cafe with him. While fans love this feathered dude, few have seen him sing before.


Redditor HamonadoDeQuezo shared a 20-second long video that shows Brewster happily chirping into the microphone with an unexpectedly high-pitched voice. This may surprise fans, as Brewster is usually portrayed as speaking in a very low voice—or at least, a low series of adorable beeping noises, as in animal cross Characters speak using similar sound effects Undertale Pot. According to Hamonado DiCuzzo, the simplest explanation for Brewster’s falsetto singing voice is that the player received it from an amiibo card.

Brewster… singing? From
animal cross

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Before Brewster was properly implemented in the game, the Brewster amiibo card was issued as Series 4, Card 302. Apparently, HamonadoDekuzo scanned this card and placed Brewster next to the microphone at the vacation home they were designing as part of Shino the Deer Villager. Happy Home Paradise DLC. He reported being quite surprised when he started singing.

At the time of writing, it appears that other fans are interested in what made Brewster sing so loud. According to several other users, all the VIP characters, including KK Slider, sing in the same high pitched voice. One user theorized that these characters lacked a distinctive singing tone, so the game used a default voice for them. Another user suspects that KK Slider is making a fake singing voice at the moment. A third user put forth another theory: VIP characters Olive the Cubs are lip-syncing to a recording of the villager singing, which would explain the crackling voices. Whatever the case, the end result is an adorable concert performance from one of the series’ most popular characters.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Available on Nintendo Switch.

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