Albuquerque schools remain closed after cyberattack

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Albuquerque schools are closed after the cyber attack.

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Schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico, closed on friday As officials continue to investigate cyber attack Which shuts down important computer systems.


Albuquerque public schools originally canceled classes Thursday after the attack compromised the student information system used to take attendance, contact families in emergencies, and allow all students to be authorized adults. is picked up by the school. Later on Thursday, the district said it needed more time for its investigation.

Schools, which were earlier scheduled to close on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, are now expected to reopen on Tuesday. The district, which is the largest in New Mexico, has more than 73,000 students—or nearly a quarter of all public school students in the state, according to its website,

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“All our efforts are now focused on getting students back to class as soon as possible,” Superintendent Scott Elder said Thursday video message, “We are working to increase the level of our surveillance to identify the problem, determine the extent of the risk, improve it in place, fine-tune security protocols and prevent future attacks.”

Elder said both local and national law enforcement and cybersecurity experts have offered their help.

School districts have become a popular target for cyber attacks, especially ransomware, in recent years due to the fact that many are running older computer systems and do not have the same financial or staffing resources for cyber security that many private companies do.

At the same time, schools, like hospitals and critical infrastructure, cannot be closed for long, making it more likely that they will pay a ransom to unlock their systems. global pandemic And the reliance on online learning has only raised the stakes.

According to K-12 Cyber ​​Security Resource Center, which tracks cyberattacks against schools, has more than 400 publicly disclosed cyberattacks against schools in 2020, the most recent data available.

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