Alexa can help you work out with these voice-controlled adjustable dumbbells

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iFit’s NordicTrack just recently introduced a pair of new adjustable dumbbells that are compatible with the Alexa voice assistant.

The NordicTrack iSelect Adjustable Dumbbell can be converted from five to 50lbs per dumbbell in a matter of seconds, by returning them to their case and issuing voice commands to your Amazon Echo smart speaker.


Simple commands like “Alexa, set weight to 40 pounds” or “Alexa, reduce weight to 15 pounds” can be requested, but you can also preset weights for 15 common dumbbell exercises, according to Alexa. Is ready to set weights for bicep curls or squats, among other routines.

You can also adjust the weight yourself using a mechanical knob if you wish.

Beyond their voice-controlled features, you’ll find that these dumbbells also have a curved handle for better grip and use square weights for added stability when performing floor-based exercises. So these dumbbells are not only fashionable, but also functional.

Considering that adjustable dumbbells are already a favorite option for fitness enthusiasts who don’t want the discomfort from the weight of different dumbbells, these smart dumbbells look like an even more appealing proposition.

Instead of thinking about whether you’ve adjusted the weights correctly, you can focus on what matters most: the workout.

Unfortunately though, it all comes at a price because a pair of NordicTrack iSelect adjustable dumbbells will set you back $429 on Amazon if you choose to buy them today. It’s not the most expensive pair of adjustable dumbbells we could find, but if you’re willing to manually adjust your weight you’ll be able to save a fair amount.

There’s a sweetener though—if you choose to opt for NordicTrack’s Smart Dumbbells you’ll also get a free one-month subscription to iFit, a fitness subscription service that offers workout routines adapted to your new gear.

iFit will set you back $39 per month (plus tax) after the trial period ends, although you won’t need a subscription to keep using your NordicTrack dumbbells.

Right now the NordicTrack iSelect adjustable dumbbells are only available in the US. However we have contacted us to find out if there are plans to launch this gadget elsewhere in the world and will update if we hear word on a wider roll-out.

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