OK, I won’t be allowed to leave it on that note.

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Instead, why not enjoy some of our hefty Black Friday Apple deals? Maybe you can find a nice iPod or something in there.

good night!


Well, that’s enough for me for one evening. I’ll be back with more/the best deals I see when I scour through Amazon tomorrow.

For now, enjoy this image I found while searching our image library for ‘sleep’. Is he testing the mattress… or does he really miss it and wish they weren’t broken, and maybe he should just try one more night, honestly it wouldn’t be weird.

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OK, the final deal before we sign it until tomorrow: This Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker is $49.99 . is down to, which is the lowest price ever.

Here’s why you should trust this deal:

1. It’s under $50 and Keurig is a great brand.
2. Mac asked me to do it.

Here’s why you shouldn’t count on this deal:

1. I hate coffee.

Your choice.

I just realized that the Beckham pillows I linked to in the introduction above are not endorsed or manufactured by David Beckham, just a good pillow manufacturer.

I would not change the entry though. My sister met David Beckham and she smells good. Think About When You Sleep on Old, Lumpy Pillows, You Should Replace Them These heavy-less fluffy (non-David) Beckham ones.

The first is for the range of Instant Pot models that are currently discounted. Fair warning—the Instant Pot with the air fryer lid doesn’t make wonderful fries.

However, if you want some delicious homemade stew, Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 at $79.99 a Piece – I have an 8-in-1, and while I don’t use it as much as I should, it sees more action than my George Foreman.

and if you Doing need good fry We highly rate the heavily discounted Instant Vortex Air Fryer So that’s where you can get your chipped potatoes all crunchy and taste good.

You’re hungry now, aren’t you? However, in reality, chili does not taste delicious in a metal pot.

Well, before I sign off for the evening, my deals editor Mackenzie Frazier has scolded me for not writing about the big deals of the day. I will fix it now to avoid his glare.

Oh, and another pet thing I’d like to buy: PetSafe ScoopFree Original Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Down to Only $149.95 (Though I forgot I was getting deals, and was just into the idea).

I had a cat until recently, and I would have loved it to take the stress out of my life. It automatically rakes all the poo into a special container and leaves the rest looking clean and lovely.

And, thankfully, it has a sensor to make sure you don’t accidentally mix your cat with it. However, my cat used to wait until I was meeting on Zoom and then do most almighty Trying in the trash… it was so overpowered that I think this machine must have stopped working.

I miss her.

If you want proof that I love automatic cat litter trays, check out this video I did eight years ago. I almost bought one.

Time to check ol’ email again. What’s the top now?

“Formula E: Unplugged is free to watch and live on YouTube and Facebook.”

you go there

Two things I’m fascinated by now – here’s the first one, and it’s going to see me buy loads of fish so I can’t even bother to look after them.

It’s not a speed gun—it’s an automatic fish feeder, and it’s as low as $23.99.

Imagine buying some fish and then don’t even bother taking care of them – just get this thing that will do this job for you.

I already feel guilty for wanting it – and so when I see its description:

“Intelligent Design: You can set up 4 feedings in a day, feeding 1-3 times each time. Plus, you can also feed manually and experience the fun of feeding.”

You can also experience the fun of feeding just by feeding your fish.

I think I’ll also need a webcam to make sure it’s still working and they’re not all dead.

Despite the fatigue, I’ve found myself in the pet section of Amazon’s early Black Friday sale. or maybe Since Why fatigue?

Okay, remember how I made it look like I was excited to bring you tons of great deals?

I am starting to regret that promise. I’m tired, I have a 3 month old and I’m going to go down the ‘rapid-fire’ route way too much because it’s simple and I have a million people asking me things.

So here you go:

1. Jabra Elite Active 75t $99 . but is a complete theft —They’re among the best true wireless earbuds out there, and while bringing extra IP ratings against your hard-won sweatpants, our review loves the package. Plus seven hours of battery life. Yeah you do.

2. I spent a long time worrying about buying a 65-inch OLED TV last year – the CX dropped to £1499 … but did I buy it? This Year, the (Better) LG C1 OLED is $1796 on Amazon…could he fall even further? it’s hard to believe.

3. These are great true wireless earbuds from Sony. They’re not cheap, even with the discount, at $248, and the 11% off isn’t mega, but they’re literally the best if you have the cash and have loads of battery life.

This man is wearing Sony WF-1000XM4 headphones. He is having a great time.

OK, this is the first post. Tone must be set. Got to find a lot to convince you, the loyal and fearless deal reader, that this live blog is worth reading and getting excited about. Man, that’s a lot of pressure. I hope I can manage it.

Orrr…. I could procrastinate and look in my inbox and see if there’s an important email to reply.

Taking what I’m looking for first, here’s the starting line: “I wonder if you might be interested in an announcement from Li-S Energy, the leading lithium-sulfur battery developer, this morning?”

Even I can’t spin it to distract myself. Maybe you should bring up the first deal.