Amazing Spider-Man goes “beyond” weekly in December with five regular issues and a Miles Morales tie-in

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We’ve known for some time that Peter Parker will be out of the picture when Ben Reilly takes over as the main protagonist of The Amazing Spider-Man in the upcoming ‘Spider-Man Beyond’ era, but in a recently released release for Marvel’s publisher The requested December Spider-Man title sheds some new light on the fate of Peter Parker — and it may not be as bad as previously reported.

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Although previous teasers for ‘Spider-Man Beyond’ have shown Peter in a critical condition, possibly dying, it looks like he will be fine by December – although whatever is wrong with him, he has to be treated “traditionally”. cannot be resolved. Marvel’s announcement.


It all comes out in December’s six… count, six… issues of Spider-Man, which includes issue five of Amazing Spider-Man and one issue of Miles Morales: Spider-Man.

First up, The Amazing Spider-Man #80 on December 1. Bey (as in Beyond, sorry Beyoncé fans) by writer Cody Ziegler and artist Evan Fiorelli finds Aunt May finding a way to heal Peter Parker’s “diseases” through super-science — by her former fiancé / Reuniting with Peter’s archenemy Doctor Octopus.

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Also on December 1, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #33 writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Michelle Bandini will join next week’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man, starting a confrontation between Miles, Ben Reilly and The Beyond Corporation.

Then, December 8’s Amazing Spider-Man #81 from Ahmed and artist Carlos Gomez completes Marvel’s previous teases of Miles Morales vs. Ben Reilly and picks up right after the December issue of Miles Morales: Spider-Man. In Amazing #81, the Beyond Corporation sends Ben to capture Miles in order to stop him from using the name Spider-Man – which he has apparently trademarked.

On December 15, in Ahmed and artist George Fornes’ Amazing Spider-Man #82, Mary Jane Watson uncovers a mystery in the hospital where Peter is recovering, with the pair – including a convalescent Peter Parker. – Have to find out why people are disappearing from the medical center.

After that, writer/artist Patrick Gleason’s December 22 Amazing Spider-Man #83 with “web-head” has been billed as “one of the biggest Spider-Man moments in decades” (Marvel specified it). Doesn’t matter whether they mean Ben or Peter, but he certainly looks like Peter on the cover) facing “unbeatable odds.”

Finally, December 29’s The Amazing Spider-Man #84 brings writer Cody Ziggler back into the mix with artist Paco Medina to put Ben Reilly in the sights of Doctor Octopus. Interestingly, the pair initially crossed paths in Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy, with Reilly acting as the villainous Jackal, and even joining Doc Oke as a new, extra powerful body also provided.

Here’s a gallery of all the covers for December’s Spider-Man titles:

Check out Marvel’s full December 2021 requests coming to Newsrama later this month.

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