November 2021 is now over and December has arrived, bringing with it many of the biggest holidays of the year. It also brings a new round of free games offered to the customers. Amazon Prime, via Twitch. As in recent months, in addition to the five Prime Gaming free games customers had come to expect, additional games have been added in partnership with and Electronic Arts’ Origin platform. This brings a total of eight free Prime Gaming games for December 2021.

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To start, Amazon has partnered with EA to offer another free game through its native PC storefront for December. There will be free games for December 2021 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Originally released in 2010, and then remastered for re-release in 2020 need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Added cross-play for multiplayer, plus some new car DLC. Twitch users must redeem the game through Origin, otherwise any claimed game codes will expire at the end of December.


Just as Amazon has partnered with EA, it has partnered with as well. CD Projekt’s PC gaming storefront is offering two free games through Prime Gaming in December. they are games frostpunkA post-apocalyptic strategy game, as well as a third-person action game savage planet trip, Both games will have to be redeemed through GOG or they will expire at the end of the month. Note that once redeemed, both games can be downloaded DRM-free.

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That leaves five additional free games available through Twitch’s own games service. those games include morkred, Spellcaster University, YouTubers Life, Stops Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse, As well as Tales of Monkey IslandWhich is divided into its five different chapters. These can all be claimed directly from Twitch, no need to redeem them at another storefront.

As always, Prime Gaming will have a lot more to offer Twitch users in the month of December apart from these free games. Includes bonuses and cosmetics for games League of Legends: Wild Rift, dead by daylight, And Apex Legends Adding this month, and as always, a free monthly sub is available for subscribers’ favorite Twitch channels as well.

It’s been an overall decent month for Twitch customers, as eight free games to unlock and a variety of new cosmetics add to the standard Amazon Prime shipping benefits. Gamers can expect to hear more about December prime gaming Bonus in the coming weeks.

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