What happened now? AMC Theaters has relaunched a popular promotion that they hope will bring movie buyers back in droves. From now until the end of October, moviegoers in the US can get $5 (plus tax) movie tickets as part of the Tuesday Discounts promotion.

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The discount is valid for all showings on Tuesday and is available regardless of how or where you purchase your tickets (on the AMC website, via the mobile app, on a third-party ticketing site such as Fandango or Atom Tickets, or in person at your local cinema).

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AMC previously held a similar promotion but suspended it due to pandemic.

“As millions of moviegoers return to AMC every week this summer, we want to ensure there are plenty of opportunities to find something of value while watching movies only available on the big screen at AMC theaters across the country,” said Eliot Hamlish, Executive Vice President and Director for AMC Marketing.

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To take advantage discountyou need to be Member of AMC Stubs. AMC offers multiple membership tiers and yes, the free tier will be enough for the Tuesday Discounts promotion. Free tier members can also get a free top-up on large popcorn purchases and qualify for a cameo combo that includes a cameo-sized fountain drink and $5 popcorn.

A quick look at the fine print shows that premium services like IMAX come with an extra charge. Private screenings, double features and marathons are also excluded, but otherwise all films – new and otherwise – are fair game.

AMC shares are down more than 52 percent year-to-date and are currently trading at $12.46, or 2.5 percent, according to promotional news. However, it could always be worse given that the company wasn’t sure what survive the pandemic after he had to close all his theaters for several months.

Image credit: Pavel Danilyuk, pixabay