What to look forward to: AMD has revealed more details about the Computex 2022 gaming demo, which showed off its new 5.5GHz Zen 4 processor. According to a company executive, the chip in question was not overclocked and ran on a 280mm household AIO liquid cooler.

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AMD this week show off their future Zen 4 architecture at Computex. One of the exciting demos featured a 16-core Ryzen 7000 processor, believed to be the prototype of the Ryzen 9 7950X, running at up to 5.5GHz Ghostwire Tokyo. AMD didn’t reveal too many details about the demo at the time, but now we know a little more.

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Speaking at PCWorld’s Complete nerdAMD CMO Robert Hallock said the chip was cooled with an Asetek consumer-grade 280mm all-in-one liquid cooler and mounted on an AMD reference motherboard – the AM4 coolers will be compatible with the new 600 series mobile devices.

Hallock confirmed that the CPU was not overclocked during the test – it was running at its own frequency – and that “most” of the threads in the demo were running at around 5.5 GHz. The overlay showed that the frequency jumped between 5.3 GHz and 5.5 GHz, but remained well above 5 GHz all the time. Hallock said the fluctuation depends on the loading of the game and the scene.

As we noted at the time, the CPU sometimes has to throttle its clock even on a single core during heavy workloads, so Cinebench’s single-thread test may not hit 5.5GHz, but the chip still has a much higher clock speed than the current Zen. 3. processors.

AMD has said it will launch the Zen 4 platform sometime between September and November, when we’ll also see incredibly fast PCIe Gen 5 consumer SSDs like these. from Apacer.