Very expected: We knew AMD’s latest Ryzen 7000 processors were coming, and now, thanks to CEO Dr. Lisa Su, those dates have been narrowed down to the end of September, with many reports listing September 15 as the exact launch date.

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During AMD’s Q2 earnings call, CEO Su confirmed that the long-awaited Zen 4 processors and new AM5 motherboards will be released in the current quarter ending September 30th.

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“Looking ahead, we are well on our way to launching our all-new 5nm Ryzen 7000 desktop and AM5 platform processors later this quarter with leading gaming and content creation performance,” Su said.

Several sources say that AMD will announce its next-generation processors in the first week of September (or late August) and then launch them on September 15th.

The processors were previously expected to arrive sometime in the fall, i.e. between September 22 and December 22, so it looks like AMD may release its chips earlier than originally planned. You may remember that the Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 processors were announced in October 2020 and released the following month.

Prices for Ryzen 7000 processors remain a mystery. While this should be taken with a grain of salt, Pavel from the YouTube channel RedGamingTech (by using Laptop check) provided some numbers, though even he admits they could change ahead of launch, especially if Intel throws in some price surprises with Raptor Lake.

  • Ryzen 5 7600: $229
  • Ryzen 5 7600X: $299
  • Ryzen 7 7700X: $349
  • Ryzen 7 7800X: $449
  • Ryzen 9 7900X: $549
  • Ryzen 9 7950X: $799

The September launch date aligns with previous rumors of a Zen 4 release this month. It was also claimed that the Ryzen 7000 chips would be repeat ryzen 5000 series and skip the Ryzen 7 7700X in the launch lineup.

AMD is promising that Zen 4 will feature an impressive 35% performance increase over Zen 3 and vastly improved clock speeds. The processor shown at Computex, believed to be the prototype Ryzen 9 7950X, ran at 5.5GHz on “most” threads when the Ghostwire Tokyo demo was launched, and the company later confirmed that the processor was not overclocked. AMD also stated that the 3D V-cache technology used in the Ryzen 7 5800X3D will be part of the new series.

Elsewhere, Su said that his RDNA 3 Navi 3x and 5nm graphics cards Epic Genoa server chips should be launched later this year.

In terms of AMD’s financial results, the company lived up to expectations and posted an excellent quarter, with revenue reaching $6.6 billion, up 70% year-over-year, and non-GAAP net income of $1.7 billion compared to with 778 million dollars a year. previously. This is in stark contrast to Intel, which announced a 22% year-on-year decline in revenue to $15.3 billion and a net loss of $454 million. As a result, AMD briefly became more valuable than Intelbut Chipzilla has a large market cap again.

The latest Steam poll showed AMD taking over the largest share of the processor today (33%). This figure could rise even higher when Zen 4 arrives.