In the context: Late last year, AMD announced the fourth-generation Epyc series, codenamed Genoa. It has now escaped from AMD labs and is going through the hands of leaks before being able to hit the open market in the coming months.

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According to AMD CEO Lisa Su’s speech last year, Genoa processors should have up to 96 cores. based on on Zen 4 architecture and use TSMC’s 5nm node. They are said to be twice as dense and energy efficient as their previous Milan series, with a 25% improvement in overall performance.

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Yuki Ans, an active leader in high performance computing, disclosed spreadsheet containing some characteristics of eighteen models. Its leaks seem to come from AMD partners and are usually good, but finer details like clock speeds and TDP are not final yet and subject to change.

Some processors are only referred to as engineering designs, abbreviated as ES in the tables below. In cases where P and non-P models have identical specifications, the two versions are merged into one line.

8-12 chiplets

ModelCores/ThreadsBase clockEstimated powerL3 cache
Epic 9654P96/1922.00-2.15 GHz360 W384 MB
EU96/1922.00-2.15 GHz320 – 400 W384 MB
EU84/1682.00 GHz290 W384 MB
Epic 953464/1282.30-2.40 GHz280 W256 MB
EU64/1282.50-2.65 GHz320 – 400 W256 MB
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As you’d expect, more cores equate to higher TDPs and lower base clocks. In this group, Genoa has the same base frequencies as Milan, but a higher TDP even for 64-core models.

4-6 chiplets

ModelCores/ThreadsBase clockEstimated powerL3 cache
Epic 9454 (P)48/962.25-2.35 GHz290 W256 MB
EU48/963.20-3.40 GHz360 W256 MB
Epic 9354 (P)32/642.75-2.85 GHz280 W256 MB
EU32/643.20-3.40 GHz320 W256 MB
EU32/642.70-2.85 GHz260 W256 MB
Epic 933432/642.30-2.50 GHz210 W128 MB

The mid-range Genoa models have a much higher clock speed than the Milan, but they also have a higher TDP. While Milan’s 48-core and 32-core models were capped at 280W, the Genoa surpassed that figure and topped 300W.

2-3 chiplets

ModelCores/ThreadsBase clockEstimated powerL3 cache
Epic 9274F24/483.40-3.60 GHz320 W256 MB
Epic 925424/482.40-2.50 GHz200 W128 MB
Epic 922424/482.15-2.25 GHz200 W64 MB
Epic 9174F16/323.60-3.80 GHz320 W256 MB
Epic 912416/322.60-2.70 GHz200 W64 MB

Genoa offers some good options at this level, such as 24-core and 16-core models with 256MB of cache and base clocks up to 3.5GHz. However, they continue to consume more power than their predecessors. By comparison, the 64-core Milan models had TDPs below 300W, while the 16-core Genoa models hit the 320W threshold.

To feed them in Genoa, there is a new outlet called SP5. It can handle up to 700W and will also support Genoa’s cloud equivalent. Bergamo. In addition, it supports new features, including 12-channel DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0.

Genoa is scheduled for this year and may arrive soon. Bergamo should arrive in the first half of next year.