AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution plugin now available for UE4

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AMD and Nvidia both have advanced technologies that allow a higher resolution image of the generally lower quality render. In the Nvidia corner you have Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS which has been around for a few years. It’s a fairly complex and resource-hungry process, but it’s a big part of why we’re seeing more and more real-time ray tracing in games.

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AMD’s solution is called AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) and is a very different approach. Instead of intensive computer processes, FSR is open source software that uses a special algorithm to improve images and give them sharp edges. When it first came out we did several tests on it. It is much simpler than DLSS and while it has its drawbacks, this simplicity also means that it can run on a much wider range of GPUs.

Since it’s been a long time, it’s no surprise that Nvidia has provided DLSS plugins for Unreal Engine 4 and 5 for a while now. FSR took a little longer, but is now available as a plugin for Unreal Engine 4.

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Viewed by videocardz, the UE4 plug-in for FSR can be downloaded by anyone GPUOpen Website. The website also gives an overview with useful information such as recommended settings and descriptions of the various methods. There are also things to look out for, one of which is that the FSR already has a Contrast Adaptive Sharpening Pass integrated, so developers may need to disable any others.

It’s always good to see software like this become available to more people, especially those with relatively light FSRs. All kinds of developers could possibly use it, and they don’t need the best kit in the world to do it. Hopefully soon we’ll see FSR making its way to UE5 as well.

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