Perspective: Current generation game consoles from Microsoft and Sony have been technically available for a year and a half. Finding it in retail is still difficult due to a variety of factors, but none of them stop chipmaker AMD from paying attention to what’s coming next.

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AMD recently published list of vacancies for the system-on-chip verification engineer. The person they’re looking for will be working with the design team behind the chip that powers the PlayStation and Xbox at AMD’s Markham office to help design the next generation SoC.

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The successful candidate will be responsible for working closely with external and physical designers through multiple validation efforts. They will also need to interact with internal and external design review teams and communicate directly with tool vendors and chip owners.

Knowledge of object-oriented programming languages ​​is desirable, as well as a deep understanding of digital logic, circuits and Verilog.

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It may seem premature to start developing hardware for next generation systems when there are still few current consoles, but that’s okay.

Projects of this magnitude take many years to complete and several factors need to be considered, including the state of the industry, increased competition, and the speed at which technology is evolving. At this point, it would be more surprising if Microsoft, Sony, and hardware vendors were not depending on what’s next.

Image credit: Fidel Fernando, Billy Freeman