AMD Radeon RX 6600 official: 1080p for $329, at retail any moment now

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This is probably already on sale or has been sold out

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Wonder! AMD just introduced the $329* Radeon RX 6600, a new budget 1080p gaming graphics card that should be available here heroinehandjob best Buyhandjob micro center And Newegg start as soon the moment we published this story 9 a.m. ET. Considering how high GPU prices have been during the global chip crisis, you should stop reading if you want one. get with click.


OK: If you’re reading these words, I’m guessing you’ve either gotten a new GPU now or gotten a dose of despair. Great! Based on my recent briefing with AMD, let’s now discuss why exactly you might want this video card.

If you’ve read my colleague Tom Warren’s recent AMD RX 6600 XT review, you know that we’ve already considered that the $379* card is an entry-level GPU. It was capable of playing most of the latest games at 1080p and max settings, but not all, not all, with ray-tracing, and was certainly a big step up below the $400* Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti which costs just $20 more*. It’s exactly the kind of bang-for-the-buck GPU I used to buy myself, though.

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Well, the new RX 6600 has exactly the same GPU, but with four fewer compute units (28 instead of 32), a slightly slower clock speed, and a lower power consumption of just 132 watts (versus 160 watts) so you can easily fit it in. Can a system with a 450-watt power supply, instead of the 500-watt AMD recommends for the 6600 XT, let alone the 550-watt, even Nvidia’s entry-level $329* GeForce RTX 3060 tells buyers to bring it to the table.

AMD says its card wins some and loses a few when compared to the similarly priced* Nvidia RTX 3060.

In practice, AMD says you’ll be looking at a 10 to 15-percent performance difference between the 6600 and 6600 XT, but the company will instead see its 23-percent rise over Nvidia’s RTX 2060 — assuming That you are taking advantage of Smart Access Memory aka Resizable Bar with any compatible CPU and game. If so, AMD says you can expect an average 91 fps far cry 6, 85 fps in deathloop at maximum levels of detail, and averaged 100 FPS in the company’s test suite, compared to the 120 FPS average for the 6600 XT.

The company also says that its Nvidia DLSS competitor, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) is quite powerful in games like Far Cry 6 That you can step up to 1440p plus retracement and still average 60 fps (assuming you’re pairing it with a Ryzen 5 5600X processor and DDR4 3600MHz RAM or better).

Unfortunately, most of AMD’s GPU board partners aren’t yet taking full advantage of the RX 6600’s low power consumption. While the ASRock has a single-fan design and Sapphire’s dual-fan looks fairly wide, each card takes up at least two full slots in a case and they all still require an 8-pin PCIe power connector — and The PowerColor card still quotes a 500W power supply recommendation, not 450. Still, like the Nvidia RTX 3060, the low size and power requirements could make it popular for smaller builds.

You should find full reviews of the AMD RX 6600 in various reputable publications today, and we’ll add some of their findings later in the day. But like any graphics card during a pandemic, what matters is actual retail availability at a reasonable price. Distant More than comparable performance, because you can’t usually find anything close to its MSRP—and that goes double for AMD, which has had pretty poor availability. Here is the statement from AMD ledge This time on supplies:

AMD is working closely with board partners, OEM, SI and etail/retail partners to ensure that there are as many graphics cards available to gamers as possible, and we expect to see the AMD Radeon RX at launch There will be a good supply of 6600 graphics cards available.

“Healthy” is a pretty tough word, but we’ll see. Late last month, AMD CEO Lisa Su suggested that chip supplies would be “tight” by the second half of 2022.

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