popular a few days ago Twitch Streamer Amarnath was banned from the streaming site without any explanation. Amouranth made a video addressing her Twitch ban (which also included bans on Instagram and TikTok), and revealed that she wasn’t entirely clear why she was banned this latest. While fans still don’t have an answer as to why Twitch banned Amaranth, its channel has now been reinstated.

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There was some concern that the fifth Amouranth Twitch ban would be permanent, but apparently it is not. According to the StreamerBans Twitter account, Amouranth’s Twitch ban lasted for three days, 35 minutes and 36 seconds. Amoranth teased that there could be a new “meta” if she ever returns to Twitch, but it’s unclear what she has. Amarnath is currently streaming at the time of this writing, and she is doing yoga and exercise.


In his video talking about his latest Twitch ban, Amouranth commented on the massive Twitch leak, which revealed how many streamers were being paid. Amaranth’s payments were part of the leak, which revealed that many had already speculated that she was making an incredible amount of money on the streaming platform. Amouranth joked in the video how he is on the Nerdshala of homelessness and how he will need to come up with ideas to increase his subscriber base if he is ever allowed to return to Twitch.

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Since Twitch almost never gives concrete answers about why it bans certain streamers, fans will just have to keep speculating about the reason for this latest ban. This certainly isn’t the first time that Amaranth has been banned from Twitch, and it’s always possible that the popular streamer’s channel could be taken down again. However, as long as she acts according to Twitch’s guidelines, she should be fine.

Amouranth’s previous Twitch bans have happened for a variety of reasons, such as when she was performing her controversial and suggestive ASMR stream. Amaranth was also at the forefront of the Twitch hot tub stream meta that once dominated the streaming platform, and unsurprisingly, it sparked controversy as well. In another incident, there was an accident in Amouranth’s wardrobe, due to which her channel was also temporarily banned.

In the past, the Amaranth Twitch ban has resulted in an increase in viewership upon his return. At the time of this writing, approximately 7,000 people are watching the current Twitch stream of Amaranth, and many more are joining every second.

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