An inside look at Monkey Prince #1, the mash-up of Chinese mythology and classic DC superheroics

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One of DC’s newest heroes, the Monkey Prince, will receive his own starring title on February 1, to celebrate the Lunar New Year, but to stay off Batman’s radar as a preview from inside the first issue It’s clearly too late for that. ,

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The 12-issue limited series focuses on the eponymous monkey prince, AKA Marcus Sun, a shape-shifting hero with connections to characters from a 16th-century Chinese novel. journey to the West, who debuted on the DC Universe in May 2021 DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration #1 Anthology One-Shot.


In fact, Marcus Sun is the son of Monkey King Sun Wukong and the protagonist of the story Journey to the West. Oddly, despite being a hero himself, Marcus was raised by two villainous henchmen of the evil Doctor Sivana, and therefore holds some prejudice against the concept of ‘superheroes’ in the DC Universe.

Monkey Prince will be written by Jean Luen Yang with art by penciler/inker Bernard Chang Zhang Bernard, colorist Sebastian Cheng Zhong VG, and Jessica Chen of DC will be edited by Chen Yingshan.

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“There’s a lot of overlap between Monkey King and the American superhero genre,” Yang says of the book. “They’re both heroes, they’re battling for the fate of the world, they’re both dressed in fancy, colorful costumes, and they both have these fantasy, supernatural powers. It’s nice to bridge the gap between those two darlings.” American superhero and legend of the Monkey King.”

Watch a preview of the first issue:

Chang designed the primary cover for Monkey Prince #1, with various covers employed by Stanley ‘Artgarm’ Lau, Anand Radhakrishnan, Dustin Nguyen, Xhao Dao, and Xu Orzu (A Things from Another World exclusive). Check out all the types of covers we’ve come across so far here:

DC is also stepping up to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a special gold-trimmed Lucky Red Envelope Edition of the Monkey Prince #1, which will be inserted into custom-printed Lunar New Year envelopes and distributed for sale as a variant cover Will go DC has shared with us how these envelopes will look.

“Chuk Mong Nam May!” The inscription is written on the back of the envelope. “Happy Lunar New Year! We hope 2022 brings you peace, prosperity and good luck! From your friends at DC Comics”

‘Chc mừng nm mới’ is used in Vietnamese for ‘Happy New Year’ and is often used to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Red envelopes (紅包, known as hongbao) are a traditional gift given (and received) every Lunar New Year. Usually a gift (or just plain cash) is on the inside of the envelope, but for many people, the envelope itself holds significance – as red is a symbol of prosperity and good luck in Chinese and other East Asian cultures.

early adventures of Monkey Prince reveals he hates superheroes – read all about it,

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