Angry Alligator rampages to PS4 and PS5 November 30

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Welcome to Swamp – a beautiful and serene place. Well.. until humans came and ruined everything. Tomorrow, November 30th, Angry Alligator will finally launch on PlayStation 4 and will be backwards compatible with PlayStation 5. So are you ready to be a crocodile – and hungry for some adventure? It’s time for Gator greatness.

life as a crocodile

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At Angry Alligator, we wanted players to do something they might never have done: experience life from the perspective of a crocodile. To make the player feel what it’s like to be both an adorable – To be embroiled in a blow or accident – Baby gator and a vicious big reptile, we’ve spent a lot of time getting it to behave as realistically as possible within its stylized world. Players will be able to choose from one of four different types of gators to experience their swamp adventure and embark on their path of revenge.


1: Early concept art of Crocodile, 2: Renderings of various final Crocodile versions

Be the biggest, worst gator

However, it is too early for some humans to go straight off the bat. As a little gator, you have to first fill your stomach with some juicy frogs, tasty squirrels and other small prey to fill your stomach. Explore an open world full of creatures to meet and eat and tons of secrets to discover. As you gain enough XP and nutrients, you’ll evolve into a bigger and worse version of yourself and ready to take on a new mission: living daylight from some humans.

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messing with humans

There is nothing more fun than getting proper revenge. Especially when it comes to the weird humans handling your furry swamp. As an evolved gator, you can: unintentionally tempt them with loud music, wear a wig or hat to disguise yourself and mix in their pack, drag them through the toilet or Be surprised by the explosion. No one invades your swamp and gets away with it.

That’s all we can share for now. We look forward to seeing you all explore the swamp and develop your gator. Of course, as you are the hero the swamp needs, we are also dying to know how you will take your revenge on the humans. The fate of the swamp rests on your bowed shoulders. no pressure.

See you later Crocodiles – on November 30th!

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