Animal Crossing: New Horizons – All K.K. Slider songs

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KK Slider performs every Saturday at Your Town Plaza.

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You’ll encounter plenty of recurring visitors to your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but one character you might see every week is Keck Slider. After you complete Project K, the wandering musician will stop by on your island every Saturday to hold a small concert. Here’s everything you need to know.

When does KK appear?


Like previous Animal Crossing games, KK Slider hosts a concert in your town every Saturday evening. You’ll see him camping in front of your Resident Services building all day, but he’ll only be performing music between 6 pm and midnight, if an event such as fishing tourney Happening at your Town Plaza on Saturday, KK will postpone its visit to Sunday instead.

How does the concert work?

Talk to KK after 6 pm and he will ask if you want to listen to the song. You can request a specific tune or ask him to pick one at random. Once this is settled, sit in any chair in the plaza and you will watch KK perform.

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If you have friends on your island while Keke is around, you can all watch him perform together. However, each player will be required to sit in front of the one requesting the song; If you sit for too long, you will miss out on performance.

After KK is over, he’ll give you a copy of the song he played to take home. You can talk to her again to request more songs, but you’ll only get a recording of the first song she played that night. You can also buy songs through Nook Shopping, but there are some “secret” songs that you can only get by specifically requesting KK.

all kk slider songs

Here’s a complete list of KK songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Songs shown in bold are “secret” and will only be displayed by request.

  • Agent KK
  • aloha cake
  • animal city
  • Bubblegum KK
  • KK Coffee
  • comrade kk
  • dj kk
  • drivein’
  • the farewell
  • forest life
  • go kk rider
  • hypno kk
  • I love you
  • Imperial KK
  • king kk
  • KK Adventure
  • KK Aria
  • KK Balladi
  • KK Bazaar
  • KK Birthday*
  • KK Blues
  • KK Bosa
  • KK Calypso
  • KK Kasbah
  • kk chorle
  • Keke Condor
  • kk country
  • KK Cruzin’
  • KK D&B
  • KK Dirge
  • KK Disco
  • kk dixie
  • KK Study
  • kk do
  • kk flamenco
  • KK Lok
  • KK Fusion
  • KK Groove
  • KK Gumbo
  • KK House
  • Keke Island
  • kk jaizu
  • KK Jongra
  • kk lament
  • kk love song
  • KK Lowry
  • KK Mambo
  • KK Marathon
  • kk march
  • KK Mariachi
  • KK Metal
  • kk milonga
  • KK Moody
  • KK Oasis
  • KK Parade
  • kk ragtime
  • KK Rally
  • KK Reggae
  • KK Rock
  • kk rockabilly
  • KK Safari
  • KK Salsa
  • kk samba
  • kk ska
  • KK sonata
  • KK Song
  • kk sol
  • KK Steppe
  • KK Stroll
  • kk swing
  • KK Synth
  • kk tango
  • KK Technopop
  • KK Waltz
  • KK Western
  • Lucky KK
  • Marine Songs 2001
  • mountain song
  • Mr. KK
  • my place
  • Neapolitan
  • only me
  • Idea
  • Rockin’ KK
  • soulful kk
  • space kk
  • spring blossom
  • stale cupcakes
  • steep hill
  • surfin’ kk
  • Of. funk
  • to side
  • two days ago
  • vagabond
  • Welcome to Horizon*

KK Birthday is given to players on their birthdays, while Welcome Horizons is given to KK players for the first time they perform on the island.

2.0 Songs

In addition to the list above, Nintendo added 12 new KK Slider songs to New Horizons as part of the game. big 2.0 update Back in November. Here’s the full list of new 2.0 songs:

  • chillwave
  • KK Basement
  • kk break
  • KK Chorinho
  • KK Dubey
  • KK Fugue
  • kk hope
  • KK Khumiek
  • kk lover
  • kk polka
  • KK Robot Synth
  • kk slack-key

Animal Crossing’s 2.0 update also introduced a ton of other content, including gyroids, Brewster’s Cafe and cooking. Along with the free patch, Nintendo also released a paid expansion for the game called happy home paradise, Costs $25 to purchase the DLC outright or can be accessed for free via Nintendo Switch Online Plus Expansion Pack Plans,

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