When Animal Crossing: New Horizons After the free 2.0 update was released, many fans of the game seemed pretty excited about the upcoming features, especially since the series’ iconic Gyroids were making a return. Now it seems ACNH Fans are becoming obsessed with the bizarre creatures, with online forums filled with footage of players getting creative with their Gyroids. One such fan found a way to replicate an orchestra by placing a ton of Gyroids inside a room and playing specific KK slider music.

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NS ACNH It looks like the free 2.0 update is providing a good mix of old and new features to the game’s existing players. cooking and farming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons With new changes to the quality of life such as DIY recipe storage, permanent ladders and additional inclines finally implemented. Other special villagers such as Mr. Resetti and Kappen return in the latest iteration, while players can now use features from previous versions such as hairdressing and island ordinances. However, it’s interesting to see how the Gyroids have been updated. ACNHOf course, it’s understandable why many players have taken to creating so much content with them.


On Reddit, a coffeephilic user shared a video they took on Harv Island Animal Crossing: New Horizons, In the footage, his character is seen standing in a room surrounded by lots of gyroids. Dressed in formalwear and wearing a Mozart-esque hairstyle, Coffeyphilic’s character uses in-game emotes to “conduct” the orchestra of Gyroids he puts together. Moving together, the Gyroids seem to sync the sounds they make into the soundtrack, which the Redditor identified as KK Adventure.

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Several comments on the subreddit expressed their amusement for the coffeephilic’s video. Some asked how they could get so many Gyroids, given that the update only recently launched, and it could take a long time for players to find and develop Gyroids. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Coffophilic noted that he used Harv’s photo studio to replicate the Gyroids so that multiple people could be placed in the room, then used a turntable to play the soundtrack. According to the original poster, the Gyroids would sync with the closest source of music, which is why they placed a turntable across the room.

With so many Gyroids available Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Coffeephilic’s creative video probably isn’t the last one to be posted on Reddit. Hopefully fans won’t tire of the new update too quickly, and keep creating original content like this entertaining Gyroid Orchestra.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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