Animal Crossing: New Horizon Fans have been creating incredible things since the game began, from creating customized clothing and furniture to designing their island to their specific tastes. After its release last year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons A good amount of additional material has been received. Players are given the freedom to recreate items, characters, and locations from their favorite fandoms, including game scenes. Legend of Zelda: Lynx Awakening.

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The game gives players plenty of options to customize their personal resort between seasonal items and franchise crossovers, such as animal cross x Sanrio Amiibo Card. The game recently added some holiday items for the Halloween event, including items from last year’s event and three new items. Such addons have given players the ability to transform their islands into almost anything, even the locations of other games.


Streamer Mail, username ACNH_Barkenos, took to Twitter to show off his latest creation. Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Matching every detail as closely as possible, the streamer recreated the tiny house in Mabe Village, the first place players got to explore. Legend of Zelda: Lynx Awakening. In the game, this is the house where he was raised back to health prior to his adventures in Koholint Island. The rendering is completed with the character dressed as Link, including the iconic Hyrule Shield.

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Mel made sure to get every detail as close as possible, including a blue butterfly almost in the same spot. perfect for fun new Horizons Since both the games feature island exploration. this is not the first of mail animal cross Custom design, either. User is also a streamer who plays frequently Animal Crossing: New Horizons and creates amazing in-game scenes, which are then edited into wide-angle shots using Adobe Lightroom.

Re-creating scenes from other games isn’t the only trend Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With the incredible amount of customization available, players can recreate scenes from movies and even their favorite TikTok, such as the “couch cow” trend that has surfaced recently. animal cross. The game’s popularity is based on the calmness and creativity involved in customizing the player’s world and socializing with townspeople and other players. Nintendo continues to give fans more options for this customization feature, including crafting or purchasing amiibo cards and in-game items.

On October 15, fans will get news of new content releasing in November. This is the first significant update since July. NS Animal Crossing: New Horizons The live presentation will include more information about what will be paired with the much-anticipated NPC, Brewster.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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