Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received both its last free update, the 2.0 Update, and the Happy Home Paradise DLC. These expansions added many new options for customization and home decor to the game, and some players are already taking full advantage of it. a creative Animal Crossing: New Horizons player recently shared a video of him putting together an elaborate building based on a Dungeons and Dragons– Style Inn.

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TikToker Ashleroboto was inspired to create his own tavern from a line of dialogue from Vic, an eccentric bull villager who can be confronted Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Vic requests a home base for “various adventures” and the player decides to join him. As Vic’s outfit, name and abode are all inspired by the notoriously warlike and courageous Vikings, it seems quite fitting that he inspired Dungeons and Dragons-style building.


AshleyRoboto started by selecting the theme you wanted and placing the building in the right place in the middle of the forest. He built and used the outside with a certain Gothic atmosphere. animal crossThe exterior customization options include signposts, stone streets and even a small cave to enclose it to capture the perfect atmosphere. Inside, she laid out a wooden floor and added some barrels, pillars, and wooden chairs and tables for potential patrons. She also added some log benches for a particularly rustic feel.


Truly the best build I’ve ever done. #acnh #animal cross #animalcrossingnewhorizons #happyhomeparadise #dnd #bar #dndtok #Design

Original Soundboard – Ashleroboto

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The player created a custom design for bottle labels modeled after an eye, with candles to enhance the tavern-like atmosphere, before placing the bottles on multiple surfaces. She also created custom designs for a small quest board advertising potential rewards to adventurers, a staple throughout history. Dungeons and Dragons, One of the final touches was the dark wooden music box that provided haunting but welcoming background music. Upstairs, she idealized several rooms full of beds and animal hide rugs for rent by adventurers.

There were several shots of him in Vic’s new home at the end of the video. The armor-clad bull fits in quite well with her new space, making her antique outfit look right at home. The bottles and candlelight give the tavern a very lively and even homey look, especially with Vic standing behind the bar, ready to take orders. Tavern is a classic element of medieval fantasy and can be inserted into any fantasy setting, including apparently child-friendly worlds. Animal Crossing: New Horizons,

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