Animal Crossing: New Horizons It’s all about creativity, with players customizing every part of their islands to make their dreams come true. Although some Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fans have brought the game to the real world, with a fan showing off a custom-made phone case.

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when coming with a Animal Crossing: New Horizons In the case of phones, an artist has a lot to pull off. The game is full of colorful characters, from CJ and Flick to the newly added Brewster. Any aspect of the game could also have been captured, whether the designer was working in his home, favorite shop, or something else in art. However, the creators of Redditor DaCheezBoss’s case eventually went with a diving theme, possibly due to an appreciation for the addictive mechanic.


came for diving Animal Crossing: New Horizons In the summer of 2020, serving as one of the beloved game’s first major additions. In addition to swimming for fun, players can also dive in to sell sea creatures in Nook Cranny or add to their museums. They can also hunt elusive pearls or trade scallops with the Pascal, but to do so, they must wear one of the sport’s diving suits. One of the many neat details that can be seen on DaCheezBoss’s phone case is the outfit of the player character’s choice, as they are seen wearing the iconic diving suit with red and white stripes.

I got a new phone case! From
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Some Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Many fish can be seen on the colorful case, including a large sunfish with game laughter. It is a bit small in this art, though its distinctive appearance makes it unmistakable. Other sea critters include the incredibly common Sea Bass, some Sea Horses, and a cute crab on the sandy floor. However, the real star of the show is the villager diving to the bottom of the ocean with the player character.

Marina Octopus has consistently been one of the most popular villagers in the game, and for good reason. At launch, she was one of only three octopus-type villagers, Zucker and Octavian, also being sought. While the newly added cephalobot has increased the number of octopuses to four, the marina is still very rare, with many people loving the pink villager. Given that she is part of the octopus species, she feels right at home around all the plants and bubbles around her.

With some nice shades of blue used for the water, and lots of different details to explore, DaCheezBoss is probably pretty happy with how their phone case turned out. Given that the post has almost 900 upvotes, it’s clear that a lot of other Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players also appreciate the design.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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