it’s weird to think dead cellsRoguenia, a 2D action game from French studio Motion Twin, has been available for almost three and a half years now. In addition, the Motion Twin continues to firmly support dead cells With post-launch content, the already popular and successful game is expected to expand somewhat – but all will be gratefully acknowledged. Motion is the latest example of Twin’s continued creative inspiration queen and ocean Premium Expansion, released with a new dead cells Cinematic Animated Trailer.

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The players are once again introduced in the trailer dead cells‘ Hero the Beheaded. The Beheaded appears to be where players last left them, stranded on the mysterious uncharted island in which the game is set. As they become accustomed to their lives, their salvation appears to them – a golden ship filled with admirers. The headhunters build their ragtag boat to visit and meet the ship, only to cut it midway. The video then cuts to reveal dead cells New setting and antagonist of DLC.


The Queen, as the name of the DLC implies, stands in the way of The Beheaded. She wields a golden sword and, to the beheaded’s shock, also has a head of purple smoke—with only three crystals instead of just one. The queen stands on top of a tower, which is built on a very small island dead cells‘ Main island. Now to reach this new location and, supposedly, to climb the tower and pick up the queen has now been beheaded.

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A message from Motion Twin says if players can climb to the summit queen and oceanof lighthouse and lighthouse, perhaps they can “get out of this cursed island.” However, “your past won’t let you go without a fight.”

This could be the culmination of three and a half years dead cells Story and action. Players may remember signs that a certain “she” was looking for The Beheaded. She may be “that” queen, and she may have secrets to find for The Beheaded.

queen and ocean The DLC is now available to purchase and play on all supported platforms. like it a lot dead cells‘ The first two DLC, Premium. It will cost $4.99 in full, but can be availed at a discount when bundled with dead cells and its other DLC. It includes all-new weapons, biomes, bosses and endgame content for players to experience, and is officially the Ultimate Premium DLC.

dead cells Now available on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, as well as iOS and Android devices.

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