Anker announces Soundcore’s first audio glasses, priced at $200

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Coming in November with 10 Styles of Frames to Choose from

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Anker is joining the trend of glasses that pull double duty as music listening devices. Today the company’s Soundcore brand announced the $199.99 Soundcore Frames. That price gives you the temple of the glasses and a frame of your choosing. The frame can be swapped out for any of 10 different designs, but the chunky side temples always stay in the same polished black style. They’re scheduled to start shipping in mid-November and will be available from Anker’s website, Amazon, and Best Buy, among other retailers.


The Temples essentially function as true wireless earbuds, with two speakers each. It’s a strategy we’ve seen from other companies like Razer. In the case of the anchor, it makes it easy to switch the temples to a different frame; Polarized, blue-light filtering and prescription lens options will also be available. Additional frame styles will sell for $49.99 each. The company will let people virtually try on the frame through its Soundcore smartphone app for Android and iOS.

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The frames are easily detached from the temples.
Image: Anchor

There are two speakers in each temple, and in most cases outdoors, most people won’t notice that your glasses are playing music. But if the volume inside you is turned up, there will definitely be some sound leakage to the people around.

Battery life is estimated to last for 5.5 hours, and the Soundcore frames are IPX4 water resistant. Similar to the controls from Bose and others, they use the simple tap and swipe controls on the temples.

Anker is very well aware that this is its first foray into a category led by Bose and to a lesser extent Amazon, and the company is hoping it can play its part in propelling the concept of audio glasses to widespread popularity. .

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