Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie light up these exclusive Last Night in Soho images

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Edgar Wright’s “dazzling” Last Night in Soho recently premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and it marks a change of pace for the famed British director behind Shaun of the Dead and Baby Driver.

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His latest feature – on the heels of his music documentary The Sparks Brothers – moves on a dual timeline. In the present day, fashion student Eloise (Thomassin Mackenzie) moves to London, but in her dreams she is intoxicated by visions of singer Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy), who is exploring the same SoHo locations in the 1960s.

In the new issue of the magazine, total movie Wright’s long-standing passions go to the set of the project — which he co-scripted with Christy Wilson-Cairns — to delve deeper into the mystery. Below, you can see some of the exclusive imagery featured in the magazine, in which Mackenzie and Taylor-Joy have been photographed by Frank Oakenfels in a neon-drenched shoot. There’s also an exclusive still from the film featuring Mackenzie’s Eloise. Check them out below:


Wright has been sitting around the idea of ​​Last Night in Soho for nearly a decade, making it The World’s End Baby Driver, quietly ending it. The film going on in his mind gave him the opportunity to embrace his love of horror, particularly the psychological, emotional genre films such as Repulsion and Don’t Look Now, and equally important, 1960s British dramas.

“They’re always interesting as a time capsule,” Wright tells total movie. “And there’s a particular sub-genre of these cautionary-fiction films, usually written by men, about women who come to the big city, and want to be a star, and want to succeed. Being fully punished.”

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Taylor-Joy was originally cast to play the role of Eloise, although by the time the film entered production, it was clear she was a better fit for Sandy. “Anya is such a chameleon,” says Wright. “There’s what she’s like on film, and then there’s also what happens when you see her in a fashion spread or on the red carpet.”

For Mackenzie, soaking up ’60s cinema was only one aspect of Eloise’s research. “I was constantly listening to movie playlists, and when I was in Wellington, I spent a lot of time with a head teacher at the fashion school,” she explains. total movie. “She taught me how to sew, and how to sketch various designs. I made a few items of clothing, and did a lot of drawing in my Ellie notebook.”

Last Night in Soho will play as a headline gala at the BFI London Film Festival on 9 October, before opening in theaters in the UK and US on 29 October.

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