Exciting like live service games Apex Legends And while they may be constantly updated, they also come with a price. On one hand, frequent updates mean that the content is constantly fresh and exciting. On the other hand, despite Respawn Entertainment’s experience for game developers, it’s impossible to be sure that everything works perfectly with every update. The latest example of this is the recently released character Ash and his ultimate ability, along with a unique bug that takes players “back to the lobby”.

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Before Ash players panic, it appears that this specific bug only occurs when his last use is at a very specific location on the map. Most players will not encounter this unless they are looking for it. For those Apex Legends Players who stumble upon it, however, are a match-ender. It forces players to return Apex Legends Lobby to start a new match. As such, it is a serious problem for which Respawn is being prioritized, but it is also a very funny issue due to its rarity.


Here’s how Ash’s Ultimate Bug works. Ash Ultimate is named Phase Breach and it allows him to teleport to a target location on a one-way trip, just as Wraith’s Ultimate allows. When this Ultimate is used at a specific location, in this case a crane north of the Lava Siphon location of World’s Edge, the match will crash when Ash reaches his Ultimate’s target on top of the crane.

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there is no obvious reason Apex Legends break like this. In a video shared on Reddit, Ash Player disconnects before his Ultimate can complete teleportation. As such, the players believe that the problem has something to do with Ash, which he should not have done. As Ash is clipping into Crane’s stuff and the game kicks him out of the match because it’s a situation he doesn’t know how to handle. One Redditor jokes that the player is just “coming back to the lobby.”

While the exact nature of the problem is not clear, the solution is. Without worrying about what caused Ash player to crash, Respawn can simply make it so that Ash isn’t able to teleport to the dangerous location in the first place. Anyway, that’s probably the real problem. Ash’s final prospect is not accepting the inhospitable terrain.

Also, these things take time, as Respawn is likely to have bigger problems to deal with. Apex Legends, Still, this can change quickly Apex Legends Players begin to search the terrain of the map for areas that will break the game, just for the fun of it.

Apex Legends Available now on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, with plans to support mobile devices in 2022.

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