season 11 Apex Legends Battle Royale is in full swing to add a bunch of new content. With the addition of the Storm Point Map, new Legend Ash and CAR SMGs, players are undoubtedly witnessing a number of changes to the distinctive gameplay experience. Unfortunately, some fans are not happy with some of the recent decisions taken by Respawn Entertainment.

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While many players enjoy the new content, some feel that Battle Royale is loaded with a lot of guns. Over the past few seasons, the game has seen an increase in weapons count with the 30-30 repeater, bowsack, rampage and now the new CAR SMG. Many gamers have taken to social media to express their concerns about the growing list of guns Apex Legends, As a result of this outcry from the community, it appears that the developers are more than willing to make changes going forward.


Recently, a developer who worked Apex Legends Posted a message on Twitter about weapon pool balancing. In a November 13 tweet by associate Live Balance designer John Larson, he reassured fans that Respawn was aware of fans’ concerns that there are too many guns in the game. Larsson’s comment came in direct response to a gamer who tweeted that “no one cares about P20, Bosek or 3030.” Larsen tweeted in defense of the less used guns. “You take it back. I care about Bosek,” he said.

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While Larsson defended the guns already included in the game, he acknowledged that the trend of releasing new weapons with each new season could not continue. At the beginning of season 8, a new gun has been added Apex Legends with every season. He also told the players that the development team has already started working on a solution to the problem. “We got stuff in mind,” he said.

In addition to teasing new changes for the weapon pool, the developers at Respawn Entertainment recently revealed that changes were coming to the Season 11 map Storm Points. The developer noted that an update coming this season focuses on adjusting the final circle to improve the quality of endgame fights. In addition, more covers are being added at different locations on the map, such as the barometer.

At the time of writing, Respawn has not disclosed specifics about its plans to address the inflated weapon pool. Time will tell whether the company decides to vault the weapons for an extended period or whether they have developed another solution to the problem. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what changes the developers have for the weapon pool going forward. These changes come in any form, hopefully they will improve the quality of the matches Apex Legends,

Apex Legends Now available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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