Apex Legends emerges from the deep with a nautical new Arenas map next week

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We’re closing in on the final few weeks of Apex Legends’ tropical eleventh season, Escape. But that doesn’t mean that the waters at Storm Point have revealed all their secrets.

Emerging next Tuesday, deep depth Apex Legends introduces a new map for Arenas Mode. Dubbed the Habitat, the map takes place in the caves and waterfalls surrounding the nests of Leviathan – the giant, mountain-sized dinosaurs that can be seen stomaching in Kings Canyon. From first glance, it looks like one of the densest arena maps ever made.


Respawn described the new map, writing, “Habitat 4 was inspired by Leviathan and what it would be like to fight in their breeding ground.” “It represents our vision of an arena set in a natural environment, while staying true to the tent of the arena design. That being said, one of the key features of Habitat 4 is the large waterfall. With the passage of time it has The landscape has been eroded, creating ditches and terraces of various heights, making the island a haven for slides and quick escapes.”

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(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Naturally, Dark Depths also opens up a wardrobe of messy new skins for our Tropical Murderbuds. Looks like Apex isn’t even secure carcinization As Ash becomes the three-eyed crab, while the jolly Australian Fudge becomes the barbecue god of the sea “broseidon”. in one highly targeted move my perfect twitter personality, Horizon gets Splatoon’d with a new getup that sees her in a pastel squid-themed scuba suit.

These skins actually leaked a bit early, with unfinished versions accidentally falling into loot boxes for last month’s Raiders collection event. These were quickly pulled from the game, but if you opened one of these items a little early, respawn promised That they will return to your list when the event actually starts.

Dark Depth runs from Tuesday, January 11th through February 1, with week-long rewards tracks offering additional cosmetics and Battle Pass levels. The skins will still be available to craft/purchase after the event ends, with Respawn noting that prices “may be reduced” after two seasons.

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