, in different seasons of Apex LegendsMany changes have been made in Battle Royale. For example, fans have already noticed several balance updates to Legends in Season 11, such as a fondness for Watson’s abilities. However, there is never a shortage of suggestions from the community on how to improve the game. Recently, a fan suggested that the next Legend in need of a buff was Mirage.

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Part of the original cast, Mirage is an unlockable character Apex Legends, Known as the Holographic Trickster, he is equipped with a range of abilities that would likely confuse his opponents during a skirmish. These abilities include Psyche Out, which lets him deploy a holographic duplicate of himself along with a passive that allows him to cloak teammates while reviving and respawning. Furthermore, his ultimate, Life of the Party, deploys a platoon of crooks to distract the opponents. While these abilities may be impressive, one gamer came up with an idea to make Legend even better.


In a recent post on Reddit, a user known as Unparallel_Pilgrim shared an idea to improve Mirage’s holographic kit. Apex Legends, According to a Reddit user, the character needs a buff to his cloak ability, to make him invisible while regenerating himself. He believes that not only will this increase the Legend’s effectiveness in late game situations, but it also makes sense for his set of abilities. “I was wondering if it wouldn’t make more of a mirage of Jack of all trades if he could self-determination,” he posted.

Should Self-Revival also make the cloak of the Mirage? From
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In addition to suggesting self-revving buffs for Mirage on Reddit, Unparallel_Pilgrim asked fellow gamers for their opinion on the subject. Unsurprisingly, many members of Apex Legends The community responded on Reddit. Many people found the concept interesting, with over 1,100 upvotes in less than a day. However, some were concerned that this might make the Legend too powerful in battle. “It could be overpowering,” commented one player.

Still, many others believed the fondant made sense for the Mirage, with some already thinking it was part of their kit. Also, one fan reported that Self-Revving makes a different sound when activated. He argued that this noise would prevent a self-revving buff for Mirage from becoming too powerful in late game scenarios.

It’s exciting to see the members of Apex Legends The community comes up with potential ways to improve the game. Following this suggested change to Mirage, it will be interesting to see if the developers at Respawn Entertainment consider buffing Legends in the future. With Season 12 expected to release sometime in early February, it couldn’t take long for fans to see the potential changes take effect.

Apex Legends Available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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