tenth season of Apex Legends Coming closer. The season included a new playable character, a new Battle Pass, and major changes to the World’s Edge map. Respawn wants to turn up the heat with even more content, as Halloween-themed cosmetics and maps are on the way Apex Legends later this month. However, it also happens to be the last season that one of the game’s lead designers, Chin Jiang Chong, will be working on.

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Chin Jiang Chong joined Respawn Entertainment in 2012, and was a key live team designer on many of the company’s games. It involved a large hand in designing the battle of Titan fall and its sequel titanfall 2, especially with regard to rodeo facilities in both sports. in relation to their work Apex Legends, he was responsible for being the designer of the game’s rank system as well as leading its live team. This includes ensuring the smooth functioning of the game and its frequent content update rollout. Chong left Respawn Entertainment after spending nine years at the company.


The announcement came on Chong’s Twitter account, in which he noted that he was suffocated by the fact that he would leave the team behind as they continued their work. Apex Legends. He thanked his team for their hard work in maintaining the game and bringing in more content. He also commended the game’s many players, acknowledging the game’s loyal community, with a special message in a separate tweet in the thread.

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many different members of Apex Legends The team then congratulated Chong for his many achievements, as well as praised his leadership during his tenure. He personally thanked the many developers who responded to his tweet, many of them wishing Chong the best in his future endeavours. Chong also thanked the many fans in Japan who loved playing. Apex Legends, such as the Japanese artist Dame, who responded to the announcement with a touching portrait of Watson.

As Chong leaves his position at Respawn Entertainment, it leaves the door open for someone else to take over the reins regarding future content. Apex Legends. As far as his future position is concerned, he did not specify which company he is joining. Still, given Chong’s past accolades and achievements, with him being a passionate game developer, that will be the part of the next game that should be worth keeping an eye on.

Apex Legends Available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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