season 11 Apex Legends is in full swing, and the developers at Respawn Entertainment seem to have no intention of slowing down. Recently, the game studio announced a new update coming to the game called Raiders Collection Event. During the announcement of the event, it was revealed that Watson would be the next Legend to receive a special legacy.

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Introduced at the beginning of Season 2, Watson has had an interesting journey leading up to Season 11. With electric fencing ability as well as a powerful interceptor pylon, his kit is built around defensive play. While Legend hasn’t always been the most viable pick in competitive matches, he has maintained a devoted fan following through the season. With that in mind, a special legacy for Watson should be an exciting addition to many fans. However, it seems that not everyone is satisfied with the appearance of the new collectible.


Since the appearance of Watson’s legacy, several members of what has been called Energy Reader Apex Legends The community has expressed its opinion about the design. Unfortunately, it appears that many gamers were dissatisfied with the final product. Some even claimed that the Legacy looks like a price scanner found in a supermarket. “Can I get a price check on this item here?” A user quipped on Reddit. While not everyone thought the design was so bad, many did it considering how long the rumor about inheriting the character lasted. One fan said, “I feel like all Watson menace deserved better for waiting so long.”

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Despite several players disapproving of the design, many on social media said that they really liked the look. He thought the collectible was unique, claiming that it looked like nothing else in battle royale. Another attraction for some was how Legacy incorporated the adorable Nessie found in the game. For those wondering, a picture of the cute dinosaur appears from time to time on the Energy Reader’s screen.

In addition to this new legacy, the Radiers Collection event is bringing a number of new skins to the game. With a pirate theme to the event, these new legendary cosmetics have an eye-catching appearance. Legends receiving a facelift include Revenant, Bloodhound, Watson, Pathfinder, Loba, Wraith, and Valkyrie.

It will be interesting to see if fans warm up to this particular legacy once it is released. For hardcore Watson fans who want to add this new collectible to their collection, it becomes available at the start of the Raiders Collection event on December 7. However, this can only be achieved through ultra-rare Heirloom Sharks or by collecting all 24 items. is involved in the event.

Apex Legends Now available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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