huge map of Apex Legends A strong point of the game are the multiple environments to battle; However, some players feel that the game will benefit even more. Currently, a popular community idea that replaces the thematic elements of existing maps is gaining traction.

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EA and response Apex Legends With widely varied environments, the map has gone through various changes and additions throughout the years. Kings Canyon, the game’s iconic first map, features a variety of combat environments, including cities and steep cliffs.


Apex Legends is set in Titan fall The universe, which takes place on alien planets in the distant future. There was variety in the environment in previous games, but not as much Apex Legends, which often gives way to dense cityscapes to rolling hills that are perfect for gliding down. Some players who frequent the game’s social media channels are expressing that a fictional map added in the future would be nice to contrast with established settings, with more futuristic cityscapes and largely residential areas. Will lean more into the science fiction angle.

Other games have tried similar things before; Battle royale draws on experience from various developers who tried to go for a vertically-focused cityscape design, which more often than not fell flat. However, Respawn has proven that verticality can work. Top By creating charming city settings on a smaller scale, each dotted on the map. An expanded version of such settings could provide a combat experience unlike anything seen in the first game, where players would constantly have to be on the alert for sudden attacks from behind corners and beware of door campers.

Many of the Legends’ abilities would, in theory, lend themselves well to the founding of the city; Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt Ultimate ability will give a truly formidable advantage, forcing opponents to think quickly and take a curved path to avoid the Legend’s tracking. Wraith’s Dimensional Rift Ultimate will also be useful for getting the entire team into enemy positions, or for a quick escape when things go south. The added verticality inherent in the cityscape makes it particularly useful for escaping, as the portal can quickly cover a long falling distance and remove the possibility of getting shot in the middle.

Overall, a city map can be an interesting change of pace for the game and provide new ways to maximize each Legend’s potential. It remains to be seen whether Respawn will implement such a map, but it has the potential to be one of the game’s most interesting, especially if it can expand. Titan fall learning in the process.

Apex Legends Now available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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