Apex Legends There is a battle royale that is known for its/3-person squad range. players can join Top Also play as a singles or doubles squad, but no more than 3 players can play as a team.

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However, Top Players may want an event or a new game mode that allows for 5-man squads. Although players understand that the mode will be completely unbalanced chaos, they also believe that it will be a lot of fun.


The question of whether players want 5-man mode was created by Reddit user gwarchild911 who posed the question Top subreddit. Many users praised the idea, believing it would be a really fun way to add to the game. However, some users were curious about how this new Top The attribute will be balanced.

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For example, some users questioned whether that would be a substantial drop for 5-member squads. in present, Top The balance works around enough drops for three-person teams or less. For 5-man mode to work, users agreed that it would need to be rebalanced to accommodate its drops. Furthermore, users agreed that the new mode should not be a ranked mode, with some questioning how the mode would calculate the score and others saying it would be too random.

5-The trickiest aspect of man Top The game will probably be how the strategy changes for the players. For example, in 3-man squads, players from one squad are sometimes separated from each other at the start of the match, regrouping shortly thereafter; This is done in order to quickly collect high quality and quantity of droplets. However, as one Reddit user put it, “Imagine a team of 5 people hitting you and killing you in less than a second.” The threat of large swarms will heavily affect single droplets, making them more vulnerable. traditional Top Strategies and team compositions will change substantially from 3-man squads to new game modes, providing a whole new, unique experience.

Top Past events have managed to change the gameplay in dynamic ways, but none of the past events will change the game as much as 5-Man Squad. Changing a concept based on it so rapidly creates an entirely new product. If balanced correctly, with enough tinkering and fine-tuning by the devs, a future event featuring a 5-man squad mode could be a smash hit for the game.

Apex Legends Available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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