season 11 Apex Legends It’s in full swing, and many players are progressing through the latest Seasonal Battle Pass. With exciting new skins for weapons and legends, there’s no shortage of items to unlock. One of the new skins available is for Bosec Compound Bow.

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The Bossek was released in Season 9, with many fans enjoying it. The weapon was a nice departure from other guns seen in the game, as it used arrows instead of bullets. Despite being discontinued since its release, it remains a viable option during the war. However, players have recently discovered a problem affecting the weapon in Season 11.


With the Season 11 Battle Pass now available, players have uncovered a bug affecting the Battle Pass skin for Bosack. Even though the weapon’s skin looks fine without a scope, equipping the skin with any sight reveals a glitch. In a post on Reddit, a player shared a picture highlighting the problem. As shown in the figure, the screen failed to zoom when a scope was attached. Instead, it featured both an equipped weapon scope and a bottom iron sight, which made the weapon look very awkward when targeting sights below.

The iron spots on the S11 Battle Pass Bocek skin are bad. From
top university

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many members of Apex Legends The community weighed in on Reddit. Many players thought the bug was a deterrent to those using the Battle Pass skin. Some even claimed that since the bug was attributed to a cosmetic in the purchasable Battle Pass, it was a “pay to lose”. However, others disagreed, arguing that the glitch helped them. According to these players, this allowed them to have a larger field of vision when it came to the scope.

Fortunately, an easy solution to the problem is available to those who view the bug as a problem. Those who want to avoid the mess can simply prepare a different skin. Still, it can be frustrating for those who have purchased the Battle Pass and want to use the skin without the mess, as it limits the amount of content available to them.

In addition to this new bug discovered by players, Respawn Entertainment is also affecting other issues Apex Legends Since the launch of Season 11. For example, the developer has revealed that an upcoming patch is planned for the Storm Points map. This future update addresses Final Circle issues in an effort to create better endgame fights. In addition, Respawn plans to add more cover to various areas of the new map, such as the area around the barometer location.

At this time, Respawn has yet to comment on this issue regarding Bocek. Along with other changes the developer has planned Apex Legends, it will be interesting to see how it approaches fixing this bug, involving the bow going forward.

Apex Legends Now available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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